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Almost 1 year smoke free

Posted in Quit experiences 19 Sep 2020
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I'm an American male in my early 30s. I decided to quit smoking last year on October 12th, two days before my 31st birthday. I had smoked on and off for a few years but had pretty much been a pack a day for two years.

What made the date to quit easy was that I wanted to say I quit "by the time I was 30", and on October 12th, I was still 30 years old for 48 hrs.

Secondly, I suffer from anxiety and hypochondria and my phobia finally caught up with my smoking and I noticed a very slight, occasional, smokers cough beginning which made me think I should quit. Third, I told many friends and family and didn't wanna make a fool of myself by not being able to quit, even though I'm sure people would understand because it is difficult.

A few observations I noticed as soon as I quit smoking:

1. Much snippier and short-tempered. This subsided a bit after about two-three months, but it was evident.

2. Something that hasn't subsided as much is a much lower tolerance for aggravating things. I find myself more assertive to stand up and complain whereas I used to just say whatever and lite a cigarette. If there was someone I didn't like, I used to just shrug. Now I'm more likely to say "Screw off". I didn't used to be like that. That could also be me getting a bit older as well.

3. Taste for alcohol. I'm not a big drinker at all, and I noticed almost immediately after quitting that my body was aching for some kind of "buzz" feeling. That "high buzz" of a cigarette after a meal or something. I started drinking much more alcohol, which resulted in weight gain and heartburn.

4. Increase in appetite. This happened within a week or so of quitting. At times I almost seemed like a glutton.

5. Weight gain. This is #1. I gained about 30-40 lbs within a 9 month period. This came in about three 10-15 lb increments every few months. This was almost certainly a result of excessive eating and higher intake of alcohol.

6. Sluggishness. Despite being healthier by not smoking, I must admit that between the weight gain, the anxiety, and the fact that I actually enjoyed smoking, I will admit I "felt" far more energetic when I was a smoker than I do now. That could be because of the weight gain or a lack of exercise, but I am a bit surprised my energy level is so low after going cold turkey smoke free for about a year.

Overall, my advice would be to watch your food and alcohol intake, and try not to gain weight or become too snippy.

Good luck!

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness September 19, 2020 | 23:02
    Congratulations on all most a year free of smoking. Better yet, congratulations on keeping a promise to yourself.
    Good advice given. Most people do find themselves out of sorts when quitting smoking. Just adjusting to a new lifestyle, much like adjusting to a new job or anything different. Treating the quit like a new adventure or holiday which is something we look forward to....even if different ... is much better than fearing the change. Acceptance is key.
    Eating more and drinking seem to follow naturally as we try to keep our hands and mouths busy. That things start to taste even better as our taste buds are restored does not help to this end (as pleasant as it is!)
    Exercise will also awaken the endorphines and give a feeling or buzz to the body , rather than alcohol. Choosing exercise, or even a long walk are much better choices. I was surprised to find I actually enjoy it these days.....

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