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147 days but still got the urge

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Sep 2020

I just need some help and motivation. It's my 147 days and I still have the urge to smoke, occasionally😵. Everyday went by with me thinking of lighting up a cigarette. I even reach a point where I don't even know what to do with my life. Everytime I got a free time, my brain will always told my body to light up a cigarette. I still yet to slip up though, but it just getting harder and harder the longer I stay smoke free. Even right now I feel like one cigarette would do no harm 😔. I don't know. Let's see for another few weeks if I can still fight this. It's been 3 hard months of fighting and I'm getting tired. Wish me luck.

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  • Gemma23 September 18, 2020 | 23:04
    Keep at it
    I had been 3 months and sliped up yesterday but I won't let it get the better.of me
    It's Is hard the 1st 6 months apparently after that it's not to bad.
    I struggle aswell after 3 months wanting a smoke and it wasn't worth it to have 1 I can promise you that.
    Just don't give it keep fighting it's worth it.
  • Gemma23 September 18, 2020 | 23:05
    I have carried on like it never happened and still I do crave but we have to fight the addiction
    Somehow it gets easier so i have been told
  • TheOldPhart September 19, 2020 | 1:49
    This past July 12th. I marked 8 years of being smoke free. Now this is after 57 years of smoking! On July 12, 2012 I suffered a massive heart attach which landed me in the hospital for 4 days. During those 4 days I learned a surprising lesson. That lesson was that the withdrawal pangs lasted about as long as smoking a butt and than they went away. It may do you some good to read all of my entries I wrote to this website. I believe that there is considerable there that could help you.
  • Red-67 September 19, 2020 | 4:04
    Somewhere in your mind, you still want to smoke, and, or miss it. In theory, you should no longer feel the physical addiction, but, this is why I say we are, or were, addicted to SMOKING. We let it define our life, and became smokers. Take the time to really think about how you let them run your life, waste your time, take your money, and ruin your health, and try to make it something you simply do NOT WANT, instead of something you can't have. Maybe that will help. I was lucky. From the beginning, I never made a smoke something I could not have. I kept smokes, lighter, and ash tray by my side, and made it something I no longer wanted. Find a way to really let go, instead of struggling to stay quit.
  • Happiness September 19, 2020 | 6:24
    When you understand that smoking never did ANYTHING for you except cost $$$$$$$ AND POOR HEALTH you will be THANKFUL AND GLAD that you have won your independence. Smoking only felt good because it fed the craving we felt which was brought about by itself. End the relentless cycle, be free and be HAPPY. Read Allan Carr for more understanding. Mindset is everything~!
  • Happiness September 19, 2020 | 23:12
    Stop feeling deprived . Stop thinking you are missing something. Many who tried to quit and failed envy you for being free. No non-smoker envies a smoker. Start considering yourself as lucky to be a non-smoker and make the change in your attitude towards cigarettes. Think how everything started and ended with a smoke. Many times in the middle of things too....not to mention in storms and blizzards. Nicotine is a drug. You were an addict to it. You would do anything to get your fix. Look at the truth. Choose freedom!
  • Smokeless quitter September 20, 2020 | 1:25
    Hi Kai, seems like we both are in very similar quit times. I’m on day 158. I know some days are harder than others but you can do it. You’ve made it this far and just keep thinking that you can continue to make it. Everytime I have a craving, I keep thinking of the horrible damage I’m doing to my body. Your body thanks you everyday that you are quit. Idk when I read this, might have been on these forums but this is something that’s worked for me. I keep thinking everyday the same thing “I will not smoke today, if I want one tomorrow, I’ve got to go today without smoking” when tomorrow comes, I start the same thought process again. For me it’s always tomorrow I can have one if I make it today without a smoke. And surely enough this keep me fighting one day at a time and not thinking about that I can’t smoke ever again. Take your fight to one day at a time and it becomes easier. Stay strong my friend, you’ve got this. You should be extrémalo proud, you are about to reach a major milestone (day 150)! Remember that smoking is useless, it burns cash, wastes your time and worst of all, it wastes your body!

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