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4 months..

Posted in Quit experiences 15 Sep 2020

Hi guys, I can announce 4 months of smoke free life.. I'm very happy for that.. time flies quickly.. 4 months mark was something very very far away and now it's nothing else just reality.. :)

What has changed since last post app. 20 days ago? Lots of.. I have started to go to work after 1 year paternity leave.. It was easier as I had thought.. I can go with my buddy collegues to smoking area and talk with him while he is smoking and have no taste to have one.. No craving.. Nothing.. I just know I don't want to smoke anymore and that's enough..

I wanted to wake up at 5am and go for running.. I was able to do it tripple times last week.. together 6km.. It's far away of my commitment, but I'm happy for that anyway.. :) I never run early morning although I always wanted.. It shows me I'm capable of everything I want.. Just I must want it very badly, more then everything else..

And I said to my wife that I'm non smoker.. I haven't admited months, just few days - I had to avoid her anger that I had lied to her - it would brings me back to smoking.. :))

I'm happy that I can handle also difficult situations so I don't have to avoid them as I used to do..

Stay commitment, strong, positive and healthy.. and you will become happy.. That's what our lives are about.. ;)

Thanks for listening..

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  • Gemma23 September 15, 2020 | 21:42
    Congrats on 4 months well done
    You should be proud
    Keep up the hard work
  • Happiness September 15, 2020 | 21:45
    Such an awesome update matik one. It's too bad you can boast of your 4 months to your wife. She would be so proud too! Of course quitting has to mean the most to you. Once you make up your mind to do something you can. I hated exercise, but my stroke got me motivated and now I enjoy walking and even getting into more strength training. Who would have thought it? :)
  • matik_one September 15, 2020 | 22:01
    Thx guys for replies..
    I saw on your update Gemma23 that you going very good as well.. I'm happy for you to.. :)
    And Happiness yes you are right as always.. I wanted to boast to everyone but once I achieve it, I don't have needs to do that.. I'm happy in my inner and that's my victory for me.. Isn't great, that once you quit smoking, you are like "Who else?", you wanted do more, to overcome yourself, be better person.. Thx for being with us..
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 16, 2020 | 6:50
    Congratulations Matic_1, It is amazing how you now know how to handle yourself in difficult situations, this journey has taught us how to think in the positive and not be frightened to confront in a different way than before. Acceptance, change with open arms and NOPE (not one puff ever) is priority.
  • matik_one September 16, 2020 | 13:16
    Thx Softly40..

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