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Cec Nicotine free

Quitting nicotine lozenges!

Posted in Getting started 09 Sep 2020

Hi, I quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago (yay) but the trouble is I’m addicted to 4mg lozenges! Sometimes I’ve been putting another one in my mouth before finishing the last! I’m nervous about quitting them as I get anxiety and the horrible withdrawal feelings scare me. I know I probably use them as an emotional crutch as I did smoking too. I seem to miss them even 30 mins after not having one (unless exercising) However, the stupid thing is I know they make me feel anxious. I really want to stop as I don’t want to be held hostage to nicotine any more and I don’t like the fact they have dangerous artificial sweeteners in them; especially for how many I’ve been having. I have read it helps to keep busy; I’ll try do more exercise/meditation/deep breathing etc. Any tips/support/previous experiences would be most appreciated. Ps I’m going to try substitute somewhat with regular mints. Curse nicotine 🤬 Thanks in advance.

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  • Happiness September 09, 2020 | 23:52
    So you do realize that you are still addicted to the nicotine . You just switched the method of injection. And it is not surprising that you are using more lozenges than ever, just as we smoked more over the years. We do have control however. Notice how most curb the addiction at one or two packs a day. Usually due to cost and we manage to maintain that level. You can do so also with some mindfulness. Try switching half with regular mints and wean your way down. Luckily nicotine is not as harmful as the tars and additives found in cigarettes, but as you say, the sugar substitutes are also harmful. It must cost a fortune to keep your current supply of lozenges on hand. Just like quitting smoking, the desire for change has to be there. You managed to quit smoking cigarettes, the hardest part of most journeys. In just 72 hours you are basically free of the nicotine in your system having the power it has had. The anxiety you feel when low on nicotine and the RELIEF that you feel once taking your FIX are the same feelings we face when quitting smoking cigarettes. When you realize it does nothing for you, but actually causes these negative feelings and insecurities, you realize that you can end the relentless cycle and be free. Lots of exercise will keep your body happy as well as your mind occupied. Positivity makes it easier. You can do this.
  • Cec Nicotine free September 11, 2020 | 3:24
    Thank you Happiness.

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