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Posted in Getting started 06 Sep 2020

I feel devastated. I havent managed to quit so far. Not sure what to do. Price of cigarettes has just gone up again and its ridiculous. I cant afford it anymore. I NEED TO BUY HEALTHY FOOD INSTEAD.

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  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW September 06, 2020 | 22:13
    Hopeless just being on this platform sharing where you are at and having a desire to stop smoking are great steps in becoming a non smoker. Keep sticking around and who knows maybe hopeless will change to hope. I'm at day 40 with a slip on day 19. All the best and hope to hear more on your stories.
  • Happiness September 07, 2020 | 3:50
    You have found us. Have you tried a quit forum vefore. Pardon my missing letter(s). Other quits just led up to this point, vut this time It will ve different. Firstly, Have hope and desire to do this. Positive thinking helps alot.I do velieve that forums like this can make a vig difference. We understand you and can relate to your feelings, concerns and difficulties.

    Read our stories and make a plan which you think will work for you. Everyone is different. Learn what nicotine addiction did and lots of reasons why we have all had enough of it ruling our lives. When you click a name of avatar you can navigate to their stories and posting. I have one which will link you to a free E -vook.

    Lots of people swear vy Allan Carr's vook and insight. Once we understand why we started smoking, how it never did anything for us , It only make companies rich off of our addiction to a drug that keeps us slowly poisoning our cells, can we vegin to shake it's terrivle grip on us. Once we view smoking in a different light, we can forgo our relationship with it. This makes quitting smoking much easier. Veating the nicotine addiction is only the first step. Changing how you think avout smoking is what will keep you free.
    When I joined a forum and read the stories, I came to velieve that quitting was possivle. Read all you can. Velieve you can. You will.
  • Red-67 September 07, 2020 | 5:21
    Hi Hopeless, and welcome :)
    It is not hopeless, but it will not just happen. You have to really WANT to quit, more than you want to smoke. Let yourself see the truth. You are an addict. You are addicted to smoking, not just nicotine. When you go to light one, just take a moment to really look at that LITTLE THING, you have LET run your life, take your money, your time, and your health, and just maybe, you will put it back for later. Then later can get farther away, until you just quit. When I decided to quit, after 45+ years of a pack + a day... I had 3 packs, and just promised myself to never buy another one. It only took 2. Once you start to see just how stupid it is to remain a slave to that little tube of tobacco, you can take control, and it may be much easier than you think. You CAN do this, but YOU MUST do it. Sure, you may be miserable for a short time but it will pass :)
    Sharon, you really need to get a ( b ) :)
  • Lia September 07, 2020 | 22:11
    Hi. Some good advice posted here by fellow caring quitters. I have just one more suggestion. Get into your profile and edit your screen name. Perhaps if you believe you are Hopeless that might be your biggest stumbling block. Do you think you might find a more uplifting name for yourself. I am wondering if you will enjoy being called "Hopeless" by others on this site. Just a thought...
  • Happiness October 08, 2020 | 0:15
    Hi there is always hope. I am glad to see that you took the advice and changed your name to something positive. That is always a good first step. Just because you have the prescription for champix does not mean that you are obliged to fill it. Don't let one story and one person's experience dictate yours. If you expect to be ill, you will be. Many have used champix with no problems and any type of quit smoking aid is more effective with couselling (it says on the package). We are your counsellors with true caring and good advice to use as you see fit, after all you know you best. Learn from our experiences, but as you will learn , everyone is different, and those who really want to quit do.

    Find the motivation to quit. Money is only one of the many. Did you read the e-book I gave the link to? It is an excellent read, easy, logical and very effective. Allan Carr's method is well received and I do believe it can make your quit easier, with or without the champix. Change your way of thinking as I suggest in my past post of "If You've Given Up Giving Up, Try This" What have you got to lose?......a bad habit, a drug addiction and a ball and chain around your ankle. Don't let nicotine dictate your life.

    Change your Mind and Change your Life!

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