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Posted in Quit experiences 01 Sep 2020

Hi all I stopped smoking a month ago cold turkey and have not smoked but I’ve hit a bit of a wall,I feel a bit low in myself I’ve been like it for a few days now,I seem to have lost all my motivation and mojo is this normal

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  • softly40 , Mid North Coast September 01, 2020 | 7:56
    Firstly congratulations on one month, the next month is coming up. No need to wonder about feeling low I felt this way for around 3 months, and believe me I hadn't realized how much my relationship to to the cigarette needed to be sorted out. I was thinking like a smoker even though I had stopped. I read a lot about the habit, and Nicotine addiction at this time, and to help me determine why, I also found a video by NASIA DAVOS "How to grow to be a happy Non Smoker" it is on utube, you need to take the time to look at this. Something will resonate with you if you are truthful with yourself.

    The other thing to help you is to list or think every night before you go to sleep what you enjoyed in the day it need only be one thing, but you might find more as you think of your day. We are in stressful times and this will also help you to keep you grounded and happy every day.

  • Happiness September 01, 2020 | 23:45
    Hi and congratulations on quitting smoking! Perhaps the newness and excitement when starting the journey has worn off? There is such a high on the first days. A feeling of satisfaction and pride that things are going well and that you have taken back control of your life. With summer coming to an end, covid still lurking, we are all prone to moments of depression or sadness. Do try to have something enjoyable to look forward to every day. Simple things even, like watching a favourite show, a lunch with a friend, a night of bingo or just a phone call to a loved one. Pamper yourself too. When you look good you will feel good. Think happy thoughts . Think of the money you are saving, the friends you are making. Make plans for the future. You should always remember to love, live, and laugh.
  • New chapter September 07, 2020 | 19:27
    Hello Guys
    Thankyou for the comments encouragements and inspiration,
    I’m into my 7th week now and feel I’ve
    Turned a bit of a corner,I’m not feeling down anymore like I was,it was awful and I’m glad it passed,sometimes I feel a little Anxious but that’s normal right?
    I’ve been filling in the time I have on my hands by getting into cooking,learning about Herbs and even started to grow my own indoor herb garden which is fascinating in its own right without the cooking,my cooking skills are very basic so it’s great to be trying new things now my taste buds have finally come back to life😊
    I’ve started my running again too,I stopped when the low feelings kicked in because I was feeling tired and flat,I went yesterday morning and I could tell the difference in my breathing controll it does get better guys,hang in there and never give in
    Thankyou for your support and messages when I was at my lowest,I really appreciate it❤️X
  • jessfreeof , Northern NSW September 08, 2020 | 7:52
    Oh new chapter I have only just put all the pieces to the puzzle and got to see this absolutely inspiring share you have posted. Instead of posting it as a new stories you posted it under comments under one of your old stories therefore the likely hood that everyone sees it isn't very high. what you posted here is so uplifting inspiring and such a gift to read that I am going to write a post directing all to it. I have left a comment for you under the last comment you left for me under one of my stories. Most importantly I am so glad you are feeling better than you were a little while ago. You have helped me so much this morning so thank you ❤️
  • New chapter September 08, 2020 | 9:00
    Wow what a lovely post Jess😊
    I’m glad my post did something to brighten your day,I just wanted to put it
    Out there that we can all have lows while
    We’re going through withdrawals,and most of all it does get easier,just like my post made your day,yours has made my evening
    Thankyou,it means a lot😊❤️🌺
  • jessfreeof , Northern NSW September 08, 2020 | 12:01

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