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681 days smoke free, list out the quitting reasons

Posted in Staying quit 31 Aug 2020

I was a smoker for 15 years. I had tried few times to quit smoking but relapsed after 1 week, two weeks to two months or even one time I had quited for 1.5 years but eventually relapsed. I tried to analyse my relaps reasons an find out that each time I quited as the time passed I forgot how hard it was to quit and why I wanted to quit. About two years ago, when I still was a smoker, I listed out all the reasons that would make me quit smoking, be it health , social or family members health. Starting from the fear of cancers, copd etc, health of my family members, preasure on chest, shortness of breath , fatigue to not want my children grow up seeing me smoking, hating the dependency of finding a place and time to smoke at least every two hours, bad odor, bad breath. About two years ago I eventually quit and I have kept that list in my phone and read it every now and then. It refreshes my memory and remindes me all the gaines I have gotten after quiting. I think it is one of the main reasons to help me stay smoke free. Now I am 681 days smoke free and hope this time will be the last try.

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