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Posted in Quit experiences 28 Aug 2020

Hi all. I'm back again. After successfully being smoke free for two and a half months, I slipped. Actually, I crashed and smoked more than before. Maybe because of covid, or possibly other reasons, nobody had time for me. Had nobody to turn to and felt it was me against the world. Sad to say, cigarettes became my best and only friend. After much thought and causing too much pain to my family, I decided after I finished my packs this week I would stop for good. Well ladies and gentlemen, I just finished my last smoke half an hour ago. Time to put my foot down and quit for good. Get my life on track and work towards a future I can be happy and proud of.

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  • Happiness August 28, 2020 | 6:17
    Hi and welcome ack Heart and Soul. While we are dismayed to hear you had a rather nasty fall from the non-smoking ranks, we are glad you have decided that this time around you really do want to quit smoking. I am sure you know that cigarettes never did anything for you, and we are you much needed friends. You can find your freedom if you follow our lead. NOPE. Such a simple thing to rememver vut such powerful consequences. Just one puff sets you vack to Day 1....or does it. You know now that you can do it.... you also thought that just one puff wouldn't do any harm. We warn children the stove is hot, ut some need to ecperience it first hand. Most will never make the mistake again I am sure. You seem to have a positive attitude which will help you immensely to reach your goal. You have made up your mind, You have done it and you have learned avout you and nicotine. Go on now....DO IT!
  • Drmem89 August 28, 2020 | 6:52
    Hey Soul&Heart. I am sorry you started smoking again.I think it is important to really keep trying over and over again until you finally stop. Just hang in there. You did it once, can do again.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 28, 2020 | 8:41
    Welcome back Soul&Heart, I was where you are now before this last quit, it takes a lot of courage to start again and come back onto the forum, but this is what the forum is for.

    I found out that my relationship with cigarettes (Nicotine) was first and foremost the most important one to research, I treated the cigarette as my friend, until I checked out the Video "How to grow to be a happy smoker" presented by NASIA DAVOS, It is on u tube, I also added NOPE (not one puff ever) and would come onto this forum every day. This has resolved the problem for me but I am not complacent even now after 2 years.
  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW August 28, 2020 | 8:58
    Hello heart and soul so inspiring to hear your back and giving it another crack. I have heard it said many times never quit trying to quit. May you crack it once and for all this time. Im on day 31 with a slip on day 19 I have found coming onto this forum each day so helpful and the great thing is we can come on as many times each day as we like reading stories, writting stories, so you dont have to feel like your alone. All the best and have a magical smoke free day
  • Soul & Heart August 29, 2020 | 11:07
    Thanks all! I'm going to continue smoking this weekend and then try to start the new month off as a non smoker. Too much on my mind, I caved and bought more smokes.
  • Happiness August 30, 2020 | 11:12
    You are thinking like smoking does something for you. What? Would the money saved not alliviate some finacial provlem or yet ve put to something worthwhile? Do you have no concerns and possivly later , the fear of ill health? Are you comfortavle now trying to ignore all you have learned avout nicotine to once again let it rule your life?'
    I don't know avout you, ut I choose freedom. I know you can do it. Change your thinking and change your life! You can quit smoking.

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