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54 days on champix

Posted in Staying quit 23 Aug 2020

I stopped any form of nicotine - I was smoking and vaping on 29/06/20 using champix. I stopped on my first day of champix and whilst it should be getting easier, I’m finding it is getting tough, I have constipation (gradually getting better), night sweats, insomnia and now I’m getting emotional. Last week I got acupuncture to further help with withdrawals, I’ve still got 5 sessions to go. This Monday will be my 8th week on champix - do you think I should stop taking it and rely on acupuncture for the remaining 4 weeks?

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  • Ggaylee September 06, 2020 | 20:27
    Hi Rach71, that’s it, each day as it comes. I’ve only been taking the morning dose of champix for last 2 weeks, I’ve taken my last one this morning (I’ve completed 10 weeks). I have been having acupuncture aswell to help detox. I feel pretty good today but no two days are the same. I know I won’t go back though. Someone asked me the other day if I’ve had a sneaky puff and I genuinely haven’t and that thought has never even crossed my mind. Each day as it comes.... good luck
  • Rach71 , South Western Sydney September 06, 2020 | 20:18
    Hey Ggaylee wow you've done awesome
    I didnt bother with patches as I was only having one half every day or two
    Feeling good now had a drag today ugh discusting
    One day at a time! Wait till ure off the champix you'll feel heaps better
    Took me a few days tho n I still have bizarre dreams after a week
  • Ggaylee September 01, 2020 | 22:57
    Hi Rach71,

    I’m sorry to hear of your experience, at least you recognised the issues and came off the champix.

    This is my second week of taking 1mg in morning and I’ve been thinking of smoking more, still not sleeping, getting headaches and feel down in the dumps. This Sunday I will have completed 10 weeks on champix and then I’m coming off it.

    I’m still receiving acupuncture so hoping this will help for the next few weeks then I’ll have to soldier on unaided after that.

    I’m hoping once I come off champix I will feel loads better than I do now.

    Good luck and keep going, things can only get better now.
  • Rach71 , South Western Sydney September 01, 2020 | 22:35
    Hi I've just stopped champix was smoke free but got really aggressive and did some weird outbursts telling people off I don't know omg shame

    Sunday I told off a kid who pushed in front of me and threatened to knock her out. I realised I've never been like that and remembered a mates warning so stopped two days ago

    I was emotional irritable teary had headaches slept 14 hrs if I could then insomnia also heart palpatations

    Patches for me now and ummm few apologies! I also wanted to drink again and I'm 120 days sober ☺
  • Happiness August 24, 2020 | 21:37
    You are doing great. I think I would continue with what works and work on the mindset while doing so . Once we get the mind to accept new changes and we can see positive changes it gets easier and easier. Quit smoking aids are just that. Aids. They are to ve used in conjunction with therapy (us)
    Understanding and acceptance of where we were and where we are going is helpful. Keep learning. It will keep you free and you will ve a happy non-smoker, not just a smoker avstaining.
  • Ggaylee August 23, 2020 | 17:44
    Hi Jessfreeof,

    Many thanks for your comment, I have take onboard what you have suggested. I actually gave up coffee when I gave up the nicotine. Congratulations on making to this far, each day as it comes. The smoking clinic arranged champix for me but I only speak to her once a week on phone because of Covid. I’ve got 2 weeks left but if I want script for last 2 weeks then I need to phone her, I’ve decided to take the 2 weeks I have bringing me up to 10 weeks on champix and hopefully that combined with acupuncture will keep me on right track for life. I will have a listen to the meditation you suggested. Good luck 🤞 here’s to a smoke free future for us both.
  • jessfreeof , Northern NSW August 23, 2020 | 8:56
    Hi ggaylee I am on day 26 and am using patches. I have experienced all the same side effects as you have mentioned. On day 18 I thought I no longer required a patch so I went it alone. On day 19 I had a slip and smoked 5-7 ciggarettes. Thank goodness I felt strong enough to chalk it up to a slip recommenced with my patches and remain smoke free. I have been eating lots of prunes and prune juice cut out coffee and talked to a naturapath who gave me remedies to assist with my anxiety and insomnia. I also listen to meditations and a grest one I have found is sarah Blondin accepting change, I just google it each morning and listen to it before I get out of bed. It sounds like what you have been doing is working for you as you are on day 54(well done to you) I sure hope I can achieve 54 days. We are all different as to what works so all I have to offer in advice is keep on doing what feels right for you remembering so far what you have been doing is working, explore implementing any new supports eg meditation,naturapath, exercise, prune juice etc Im guessing a doctor prescribed champax? If so remember you can also talk to your doctor for further advice. Ps if you are a coffee drinker it can further constipate you for a while if you give it up. All the best and thank you for inspiring me I am nearly at one month and you are nearly at 2 months

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