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Posted in Staying quit 21 Aug 2020

I am on day four, and I have been incredibly lucky to not have any physical cravings because I am pregnant and it’s a blessing. However, I have noticed the “mental cravings”, the “junkie thinking”, that tells me “it’s so easy, you could definitely have a cigarette tomorrow and then not another”. I am so thrilled this is happening now, because for the first time ever, I am researching about “junkie thinking”, I am understanding the “mental” cravings because the physical ones for me have never been as bossy or difficult, and alas, I have always gone back to smoking.

I have always been 6 months into my non smoking journey and then allowed that “junkie thinking” to overrule. This is my worry, but I do truly understand this time, and hopefully not like the previous times, that one more puff for me; leads to a whole lot more smoking, and then the misery of having to start all over again!

I will never start all over again, because I am free from the wicked cigarettes, it may only be day four, but, in no time it will be 4 months, then 4 years, I can’t wait to never look back! I can already smell and taste the freedom!

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  • Happiness August 21, 2020 | 21:50
    Hi Hopeful.... You are not helpless and can help erase the need for a cigarette in the future by learning why it is that we smoke. Firstly it was a drug addiction, thankfully a legal one, but an addiction to the nicotine . Sanctioned by society in the past, many of us smoked for decades without the understanding behind it all. Forums like this provide information, support and ignite the belief in one's self. Staying in touch with this forum even periodically in years i think may help to keep the reminder that just one puff can set us back to a relapse and possible lifetime of smoking.
    Once we take the stand that we want control of our lives back and that our time and money is no longer available to feed the craving which is caused by nicotine. The only relief is no longer having that craving.
    You have kicked the nicotine cycle in the past, but the psychological part of the journey is your downfall. While it is not so evident while pregnant and nausea sets in, you need to learn and accept the truths to keep you free. Change how you perceive smoking, and change your life.
  • Danzaa August 22, 2020 | 6:54
    Hang in there mate you can do it 🙂
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 22, 2020 | 8:07
    You will succeed this time Hopeful, I have been where you have been, only now this forum was and still is available for me, always keep in touch; always make a post; and always say in your mind or out loud NOPE (not one puff ever) whenever that thinking creeps in.
  • Hopefulnothelpless August 22, 2020 | 13:46
    Thanks so much 🙏, I won’t forget, no more puffs ever again! Bring on the freedom!
  • jessfreeof, Northern NSW August 24, 2020 | 9:17
    Keep going you can do this and congrats on your pregnancy.

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