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Posted in Staying quit 19 Aug 2020

Hi everybody,I stopped smoking on the 2nd of August at 9.30 pm,my tobacco pouch was empty so chose this as my time to quit,I have used nothing to help like patches,gum,vape etc I’ve done it naturally,I’m into my third week now,I’m still struggling at times,I love the smell of it when I walk past someone with one lit still but I will never smoke again,already my home smells better,my food tastes nicer,my skin looks healthier,and I could go on.i just keep telling myself about all these positives that have happened in the first 3 weeks,it keeps me going,my self supporting possitive mental structure I have built in my mind to help me in tough times and it seems to be helping,looking foreward to the times when it gets easier and all of this struggle is in the past,but whatever emotions I’m going through right now,I Will NOT GIVE IN

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  • Happiness August 19, 2020 | 22:19
    Hi New Chapter. What a great attitude!
    Yes, there are so many benefits and I am glad you are experiencing them so soon and enjoying them so much. It only gets better while the money adds up . Our health can also improve greatly and the aging process really slows down and our skin looks rejuvenated. We look better, feel better and smell better in every sense! lol
    A wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.
  • Leonora, Mid North Coast September 14, 2020 | 6:56
    Thank you for sharing your story. I am at day 5 and hearing the positives you listed are what I need to hear. I am not getting much sleep and the chesty cough is gone. I am still getting strong cravings but hanging in there. Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.

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