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Posted in Getting started 19 Aug 2020


I have been a long term smoker for about 20 years. I smoked on average 10-15 a day, but if I also drank alcohol, that would easily be a packet plus my normal, and I drank a lot.

This is my at least 20th quit attempt. This time it is because I am pregnant; But after the baby is born if anything is like the past then I get stressed and take it back up again.

I am here, writing this story and joining all you wonderful people, because this is something I have never tried before, and I want this time to be the last, the absolute last time I have to quit my addiction to disgusting cigarettes. So this is a part of my new plan. My main motivators to quit are;

Not stinking for myself or my current child and child to be.

Having healthy gums, lungs etc.

being able to smell my children

Not having such cut up hands from hand washing so often.

Creating a new story of hope for myself.

I wish us all the best of luck! I am two days down, May this be the website to get me to the finish line.

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  • New chapter August 19, 2020 | 18:30
    Well done for making the decision to stop Bekky,just take one day at a time and stay possitive,on a bad day just look at your tummy and remind yourself why you have stopped,you can do this,I’ve been stopped 2 weeks now and it’s starting to get easier to cope,you’ve got this,well done.
  • Happiness August 19, 2020 | 22:29
    Hi Beccy84. Cigarette money can go a long way to other things, conveniences and activities for your family. Read our posts here and Allen Carr's book and learn about nicotine and you. It is the cause of more stress and is absolutely no remedy for it despite what we have been lead to believe. Learn the truth, change how you perceive smoking. Quitting can be easy and sustainable. I quit the first time I was pregnant because it nauseated me but took it up again after the birth. Foolish me. Knowing you are missing nothing and gaining everything will make a huge difference in your attitude and mindset for quitting. You will do it this time. Stay with us and let other know it too.
  • Beccy84 August 21, 2020 | 19:55
    Thanks for your replies and motivating words, yes I am day four now and have not even had a craving, it has been so easy, but I have been here before which is why I just want to keep coming back and reading the stories and believing in us all. Much better to have a team than not.
    Not another puff forever. Given how long I have smoked it is absolutely amazing to see how well my gums already look in only four days! So promising.

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