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20 Days!

Posted in Quit experiences 08 Aug 2020

I have just hit the 20 day mark! I am so proud of myself and so excited for the future. It has been difficult the past week because there was a shooting that made me worried for my significant other because of his proximity to the situation. I also thought I was about to move into an apartment with him and begin a life together, and instead we ended up breaking up because he couldn't live with my mental health issues at this time. I'm hurting, but it makes me feel even stronger that I've been able to stay away from nicotine through all of it.

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 09, 2020 | 8:18

    Sorry Alanasea I read you are on 20 days free from smoking, let us know how you are approaching this. I am proud of you too.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 09, 2020 | 8:16
    Relationships sometimes need a lot of work, and for some it is no problem, you now have the space you need to work on your relationship with cigarettes, what keeps you hooked etc, for some it is money for others it is many things, you need a list to work on the highest one which keeps you on the merry-go-round, because Nicotine is a most addictive substance, and your mental ascertion needs to be propped up with thoughts that help you and not hinder you.

    Let us know if you have started on your road to freedom, and what method or (HRT) you are using. Welcome to the forum
  • Happiness August 08, 2020 | 10:46
    while I am sorry that the relationship didn't work out I am glad that you elieve enough in yourself to stay on track. It will have a tremendous impact on your future. When one door closes, another door opens. Maye one is aout to open and you will e in a much etter place. You seem to have it together. You go girl!

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