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Hi, I Had My Last smoke 43 hours ago; how did you feel?

Posted in Getting started 05 Aug 2020

Hi, I had been smoking for ~17 years, & at times i was a very heavy smoker. I have been cutting back over the last month as i knew i would have to stop smoking soon (varies reasons!).

I suffer SEVERE anxiety and depression, and that has always been my biggest reason for *not* quitting. However, that aspect seriously couldn't get much worse (i am getting help for it).

I had my last cigarette about 43 hours ago. I did some searching on the net and came across this site- everyone seems so supportive and lovely and i thought it would be a wonderful supportive environment to join. I would love to hear about what you experienced in the first few days & how you coped. To be honest, i was expecting to feel a lot worse- but im probably speaking too soon and it will hit me like a truck tomorrow (yes- it definitely will now ive said i dont feel *that* bad compared to normal! LOL)

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  • Gemma23 August 05, 2020 | 21:25
    Welcome flutterbye
    You have joined the right place
    I am also new on this site few months.
    I have been smoke free for 2 months now
    And to be honest its all mindset
    You have to really want to give up and it will be an easy quit.
    Don't think of it like you can't have a cigarette more like that you do not want them anymore.
    They do nothing for me except rob me of my health and money and time. It does get easier as time go's
    Breathing will feel alot better in time.
    Keep up the good work
  • Happiness August 05, 2020 | 21:34
    Hi flutterbye and Welcome. As a smoker of over 40 years, I never gave real thought to quitting smoking because I had tried decades ago and failed. We did not have the tools nor the web at our fingertips that we do now. Understanding the addiction and how it does not give you anything, but actually causes more stress and anxiety .
    Finding a good quit smoking forum also helps. It is like talking to the pros. First hand experiences and a real desire to help others achieve what we have. A sense of belonging and being understood .
    Keep on being positive! I think it is a main factor in making an easier quit. We enjoy doing something we look forward to and hate that which we view as boring or difficult etc.... Embrace this journey or change to the better you with open heart. It is a wonderful freer life after smoking. No longer are we chained to its schedule. No longer are we systematically killing ourselves. We should feel GREAT about giving our bodies a chance to heal and spending all that money on better things and people we love.
    Love yourself and those who love you the best gift ever! YOU!
  • Alanasea August 08, 2020 | 8:38
    Hi! I am at abooouuttt 20 days without a cigarette. I think the first couple of days were the most difficult for me because it is hard to see yourself as someone who HAS quit instead of someone who is TRYING to quit. Keep reminding yourself of the reasons that you want to quit smoking and why that is more important than the reasons why you want to smoke.

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