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MUST stop

Posted in Reasons to quit 05 Aug 2020

Reason for quitting for me is because I have multiple blood clots in my lungs due to a thrombosis in my leg, and was told that my smoking was not going to help me at all. Stopping immediately is the best thing I have ever done.

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  • Happiness August 05, 2020 | 21:42
    Yes , Whoknows if quitting smoking may save our lives. It surely doesn't enhance it in any real way. We have been brainwashed to believe that we must enjoy it, and fear of quitting has kept us chained for decades. We know now that we can quit smoking. It is a mindgame. Change your way of thinking and you can change your life.
    I am 95% recovered from a stroke. Who knows what would have happened if my body had not had that year since I quit smoking to become stronger and functioning better? Life as a non-smoker has been liberating. Life is precious.
  • Whoknows, South Eastern Sydney August 08, 2020 | 9:20
    Thankyou for sharing with me.
    I know its only been 11 days for me, and im already feeling the pinch. I know i have to keep going and sharing my feelings with others is helpful.
    Well done to you. All the best

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