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Did this happen to you to ?

Posted in Hints and tips 05 Aug 2020
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Hey guys again I just want to know something . I’m not scared but when you quit and it’s been 3 months did your lungs start to feel inflame? Idk after my 3 month my lungs feel inflame for some reason . Maybe what I’m eating ? I’m trying to cut down on beer because I’m to stress out of what’s going on . Please let me know . It’s nothing bad & I have bad acid reflex to so idk if that’s it ?

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  • Happiness August 05, 2020 | 21:50
    Hi Jonathan. Good job in reaching the 3 month mark. It seems you too are making better life changes in other areas of your health, less alcohol and I am quessing a better diet. While a change in diet can cause gas and reflux, I doubt It would make your lungs feel inflamed. Sometimes it is psychological, but if in doubt, you should seek medical help. While it is not uncommon to cough up phlegm and debris once quit smoking a period of time, anyone in serious doubt to any lasting medical concerns should get answers from professionals.

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