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Still off smoking

Posted in Staying quit 01 Aug 2020

Hi everyone sorry I just reply. But I have sick and trying to lose weight. I have been off smoking now for almost 10 months and doing great I still have my doctor for support and I can quit family. But smelling people smoke around me doesn't worry me any more. So I am very happy with myself .

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  • Gemma23 August 01, 2020 | 13:10
    Hi Gary well done for 10 months thats great
    Good job keep up the hard work.
    This forum is great aswell it's where I come when I need some motivation again.
    7 weeks for almost at 2 months 🙂🙂
  • Happiness August 01, 2020 | 21:29
    Hi Gary. Good to have you feeling well and checking in with the forum. I love the positive note to your story. Ten months already and we are just as happy for you as you are for yourself. Not to mention proud. Great work, keep it up . Just remember NOPE.
  • Lauren-1999 August 01, 2020 | 22:18
    Did you experience any aches& pains? After quiting? I’ve went cold turkey a week ago and feeling some discomfort in my back& abdomen sometimes, also my joints but I think that’s also due to less expertise than usual
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 02, 2020 | 9:03
    Congratulations Gary, 10 months is no mean feat, it is good you have the support of your doctor, we all need this. As long as you eat well, plenty of fruit and vegies, and exercise when you can that is all you need to do. Of course as was suggested NOPE (not one puff ever) is a daily exercise which is all you need to give yourself the belief you will not smoke again ever. Well done

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