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Posted in Quit experiences 30 Jul 2020
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I had a slip up, I was at my old place which I'm moving out of and came across some smokes, I was really annoyed that a slipped up because I was 9 days smoke free now I have to go through it all again. I had about 6 smokes then got a headache

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  • Happiness July 31, 2020 | 1:10
    It could have been worse Trimmo40. At least you got a headache to remind you that nothing good comes of smoking. As you are still addicted to nicotine based aids, it is not like starting from scratch as if you had already kicked the drug addiction. Right now you are in the process of learning to live without a cigarette in hand and you have done wonderfully for a full nine days. You can do that, and you can continue doing that! Realizing that you don't need it, or that it does not really give you enjoyment , or confidence or anything at all is a huge lesson and and great step forward in this journey. Embracing the status of a non-smoker and all the benefits you will earn. Well worth the effort. Good for you for admitting your slip up and taking value from it.

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