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7 days smoke free

Posted in Quit experiences 28 Jul 2020

I've I am so glad to be free of cigarettes and I don't feel like having one, in fact the smell is disgusting to me now, I went from a 30 a day smoker down to using about 5 low mg lozenges a day. One thing I have noticed is I am getting very agitated and thoughts from the past are popping up, I dunno if this is part of the process or nicotine withdrawals, I'm using far less nicotine than what I was as a smoker and cut down quick I'm just unsure if things will get better

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  • trimmo40 July 28, 2020 | 21:15
    I cut down from about 40 a day down to 4 lozenges a day in the space of a few days so Imagine a lot of my agitation is from withdrawals, my desire to smoke is gone, though it's just getting over the hurdle of nicotine addiction, as much as I want to be free of nicotine I cut back hugely in a short amount of time, the amount of nicotine I'm using is barely anything, though it's stopped me picking up a smoke
  • Happiness July 29, 2020 | 5:02
    Hi trimmo40. Things do get better over time, but I found the hardest part of the journey was when I thought about quitting with the help of a forum. I also cut back from 25 /day to 3 or 4 and set a quit date. It was hard and on the third day the first puff made the room spin. Enough I thought.... the next day I was done....went cold turkey. When I got a craving (just a thought) I smiled and knew I was winning. I starved the lethal vulture out of my life. I kept things piled up to keep me busy, but honestly didn't really need to. Hubby smoked next to me. It was always he who brought up us quitting. He was horrified! lol.... but quit we did and so did my daughter. We found it easy. Embrace the idea of being free of the cigarette rather than think you are missing out. It is a mindset.
  • Evelyn66, Northern Sydney July 30, 2020 | 0:22
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