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18 days!

Posted in Quit experiences 27 Jul 2020
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18 days and still..NOPE! Even after a week of tonsillitis! I’m still using the patches and finding them helpful, going down to the second level of nicotine this week and slightly nervous about it. Although I no longer need them at night due to waking up feeling agitated like something is missing (that first cigarette with your morning coffee that used to seem so important!), I do struggle if I don’t wear one for a few hours but I feel confident that I’ll manage! My sense of smell is like a super power at the moment, I never realised how much smoking can affect it, doesn’t help when my partner lights up though and I either feel sick at the smell or a craving starts..I just move away though :) guess I’m just keeping you all updated here lol! Hope everyone’s well!

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  • Happiness July 27, 2020 | 22:25
    Quitting smoking is something that you have to want for yourself. My spouse sat and smoked next to me at my insistance. He also quit shortly after, but he wanted to read Allan Carr. We are both over 600 days free of smoking and my daughter as well. We all found it easy and very rewarding. The freedom is great isn't it? Our health can be restored some and there is no down side as smoking did nothing for us in the first place.

    Treasure the gains we have achieved. Always remember N>O>P>E.
    Awesome job and attitude Paigecall.

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