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Posted in Quit experiences 21 Jul 2020

I was reminded, by iCanQuit, that I have not posted in a while, in this morning's email...

It just so happens, that we buried my Mom yesterday, and this reminded me of the joy my quitting gave her. She complained about my smoking, most of my adult life, and, I have to admit, sometimes irritated me with her remarks about my smell. You know, we did not really believe we carried that much STINK, until we broke free of it.

My point here is, even though I did not quit for her, I do know that, for the last 3+ years, she was happier to see me, and that my quitting did add some joy to her time with us..

:) A hug is much nicer, when you don't stink of cigarette smoke :)

P.S. Don't be sad. She was 98 years old, and is now free of pain, and worry, and sadness. We had time to prepare for her passing..

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  • Happiness July 21, 2020 | 12:43
    Sorry for your loss Red. I am glad that you made your Mom proud of you in the last years. I am sure she was very happy for you and somewhat relieved. I know I am happy to know that my daughter took my example and quit as well. No matter the age your kids are they remain your kids and they worry. Both congratulations and Condolences Gene.
  • Safe2017 July 21, 2020 | 23:35
    My deepest condolences Red. I agree 100% with your summary above. Not until you quit you realize how much our loved ones suffered by smelling our stink. Nowadays I don’t mind a whiff of distant smoke but it’s really gross when someone who just had a cig stands close talking to me and I can smell their stinky breath.
  • Robn July 23, 2020 | 11:00
    Hey Red, Sorry to hear of your mums passing....happy memories now forever. You made her proud by quitting the stink and you have made yourself proud by sticking with your quit. You are awesome and such a great teacher. I learnt a lot from your wisdom.....thank you so much my friend x
  • Lia July 26, 2020 | 16:11
    Hi Red. Sorry to hear you lost your Mum. A sad time, indeed. Hope you can cherish the memory of hugs with Mum, knowing she loved that experience and was proud of you because you had given up smoking and it was not a smelly hug. She was proud oy you and so are we in the icanquit Community.

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