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Posted in Staying quit 06 Jul 2020

I struggle still after a year but just keep trying

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  • Happiness July 07, 2020 | 2:49
    I gather then that you have been trying to quit for a year now. Look at each attempt as a practice run. What did you learn from them? Have you tried Champix? It takes away the pleasure of smoking while you adapt to life without the cigarette. That is the longest part to adapt to in quitting smoking. It helps immensely that you already know it is a constant cycle of emptying your pockets to feed the never ending nicotine hunger. The freedom is awesome. Knowing that smoking does absolutely nothing should help overcome missing it as a friend. We are your new friends and know that you can beat the addiction and you will all in good time. Don't give up! Read and learn. The stories lend knowledge, advice and support. My story called "If you've Given Up Giving Up, Try This" may help . Let us know you are still with us.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 07, 2020 | 8:56
    Hi Shellie, still a struggle then it is time to let the struggle go. Thoughts just let them go they are just thoughts. Worry just let it go your health is more important. Unexpected situations, this is the part of life that can either be good or bad, this will not change, so just enjoy the whole of the good. This way there is no struggle only repeated success. Well done for trying and succeeding.

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