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Still struggling but continue..

Posted in Quit experiences 14 Jun 2020

Hi guys,

I'm on 29th day, so 4 weeks passed.. I'm proud of myself to got such far..

Week 4 was similiar to week 3, it was mostly ok, but also everyday withdraws bring me thinking about smoking and yesterday was one of the worst day, it takes almost whole day and I was near to fail.. Today it was better, but I have still cravings, I had thought that after 4 weeks I will be fine, enjoying whole day, but it isn't the case.. I have suspicious that my dissatisfaction has no connection to smoking, but it's just that I don't do what I want.. I used to read stories from here and there are very helpfully.. One of them talking about 40 days and then it was better, but I know it's very individual..

I still struggling, but I know I am on good way.. hopefully see you next week.. :) I need find power to follow motto: Don't ask "why me", but say "try me"..

Take care guys..

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast June 14, 2020 | 9:20
    Hello again matic_1. Firstly congratulations on your 29th day. Secondly, you need to go back to your first post and read up on the replies, you must have worked on something to enable you to get this far, if you are still struggling as you put it, with withdrawal symptoms then you need to get a handle on your mental situation because there is only one person who can shake the negatives from your mind and this is you.

    You seem to be feeling sorry for yourself, and this is ok, but needs some work to getting to feeling good about yourself, so it is the mindset that needs some work yet. If you had looked at the video or read the book, one situation will suggest something which reminds you of you. Take this situation and begin to improve on your mental aspect. Give thanks for your freedom every night, and enjoy the benefits every day, note them down if you cannot remember them. We are all here for you so keep on posting.
  • matik_one June 15, 2020 | 5:44
    Big thank.. I will write down benefits, because in case of urgent I cannot remember even one.. I need to go back to positive thinking.. that's way to success.. Thanks for your care softly40..
  • Happiness June 15, 2020 | 9:07
    One day at a time. Accept and enjoy this journey. It will be your last one because you are succeeding! Everyone thinks they can't do it, but many more surprise themselves and do. You will too. Anyone can quit smoking!
  • matik_one June 16, 2020 | 5:12
    Thank you Happiness, very clever words.. This is my last one journey so accept and enjoy it.. Strong and truth.. I will follow it..

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