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Quitting today

Posted in Getting started 06 Jun 2020

Today i decided to quit, this is going to be difficult.

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  • Red-67 June 07, 2020 | 2:15
    Hi Mia5, and welcome :)
    You have already taken a negative thought process. Think positive. It is only as difficult as you make it. Look at it as a fun challenge, to make your life better :) Make up your mind, that you simply do not WANT to smoke any more.. Not just that you want to quit. It is much more powerful to let yourself see the truth about being addicted to smoking. Yes, you are an addict. You have been a slave to a little tube of tobacco. We LET a cigarette run our life, take our money, and our health. You don't want that,, Right ? Put simply, smoking makes you stupid. I know. I was a stupid slave to them for 45+ years. This can be as easy as you make it. It's all in taking control of your mind. You can do it too :) You will love being FREE :)
  • Happiness June 07, 2020 | 2:54
    That was my first reaction too...... another one thinking negatively before they even start. Positive things brings positive change and anyone can quit smoking if they want to. The secret is to believe in yourself. Others quit and so can you. It can even be easy , I thought. I had no cravings after cold turkey 72 hours. Most of it is psychological even though the addiction to nicotine is what we think of first. Make up your mind that you are done, no debate. When the urge strikes, do something else to distract you from the thought. That is all a craving is actually. Alter how you feel about smoking. Face the evils, and really desire to be smoke free. You will be amazed and the difference it will make in ease in which you quit.

    Read and learn all you can about you and nicotine. Read Allan Carr's book. Watch how to be a Happy Non Smoker on line by Nadia Davos. There are lots of other videos as well. Quitting smoking does not need to be difficult. "The Battle is Won In The Mind"
  • softly40, Mid North Coast June 07, 2020 | 7:17
    Congratulations Mia5, you have decided to do this and have come onto this forum for us to help in any way that we can. It is only difficult in your mind, so when you make up you mind to stop smoking then you can make up your mind to tell yourself that it is going to be easy, and it is with our help. Let us into your reasons and what method you have chosen either NRT or Cold Turkey. There are others who will help you on your way so come back soon.
  • matik_one June 07, 2020 | 7:21
    If you believe it will be difficult, it will be.. But nevertheless it, you have decided to begin.. that means just one thing - you are strong enough and ready to win this battle.. fingers crossed..
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 07, 2020 | 15:14
    Positive frame of mind makes Quitting easier. Total commitment gets the job done.
  • Happiness June 08, 2020 | 22:22
    Hows it going Em5? I hope you followed through on your quit date. If not, set one and read our stories meanwhile. We quit and you can too. It really doesn't have to be as hard as people have been lead to believe. Some of us really did find quitting to be easier than we feared. That's about it in a nutshell. Fear. Fear of the the unknown, Fear of the failure, fear it may be hard. So what if it is? The rewards are worth it. We are stronger than nicotine. You are not alone. We are your new friends. We hope you are doing well and will post or comment again soon.
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 09, 2020 | 19:24
    What do you think about the idea of fear de-railing Quitting?
    we are not the only ones that blame fear putting the Quit off or sabotaging a Quit plan or date.

    If you can get your hands on one of Allan Carrs book's, well, he has some strange ability to alleviate some fears about it

    Give allen a go if you cant quite get over the line. Many here recommend him. there's lots of tools on you tube alone like Chris Skoyles, Nasia Davis ..........etc
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 11, 2020 | 20:59
  • Chwoe, Western Sydney June 12, 2020 | 10:30
    good on u mate, but if need be im always here if u need a ciggie.
    weed or tobaco, got it all ;)

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