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Suspected lung cancer

Posted in Reasons to quit 01 Jun 2020

Get yourselves a pet scan!

Totally out of the blue I went in for a suspected ovarian cyst which I have and is non cancerous but after routine Chest X-ray a shadow was found on my lung liver and spleen....luckily the more accurate Pet scan show only one site being the lung but having a biopsy in 3 days for the final conclusion.

All this without a single symptom and excellent blood work perfect weight and feeling great....

Been smoking for 48 years and never had any serious illnesses

So here I am today with a patch on and yes that spray and the hiccups

When I use the spray initially it makes me want to throw up as well as the hiccups I feel shocking for about ten minutes.

Wondering if anyone else gets that nauseated feeling too?

So my first day and the journey begins my incentive is to save my life and of course the $12,000 a year I’ll be saving will be a bonus too!

I’ll be needing all the support I can get and praying my biopsy is not malignant but if it is I’ve been told it can be removed followed by radiation and I would be cured as it’s not spread....

So if that’s not a kick up the butt to stop I don’t know what is!

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast June 02, 2020 | 7:44
    Welcome QOTFU, We are all here for you during your journey, and I just hope things turn out well for you. Yes it is a very good reason to stop smoking. As far as the spray is concerned I cannot comment on it, but I see you are using patches, these should be enough without the spray. Just realize you are using a Nicotine Replacement, which is continuing to keep you trapped into a continuing cycle of addiction.

    Prepare yourself by making a date to quit the patches and spray, quickly or slowly up to 3 months. Read as much as you can on the chemicals which are still entering your body, and be prepared at a later stage to make the journey either harder or easier, this is up to you. We will all be around to help you and give you advise when you need it. I am wishing you well again and hope you get a good result for your medical condition.
  • Happiness June 02, 2020 | 8:46
    Welcome to our forum and an abundance of support and advice. Adjusting to life without the cigarette can be difficult, especially if not DESIRED, But looked on as a "have to". Making the best of things and looking at the positives are always better than dwelling on the negatives. Knowing or learning that smoking is a nicotine addiction, so yes you are in essence you are an addict. Nicotine is a drug, that with societies help, brainwashed us into velieving that we enjoy it, and even need it. Nothing is futher from the truth.
    You really will enjoy veing a non-smoker and enjoy the new found freedom, not to mention the saved money and healthier future. (my letter is stuck)

    Look at this as an opportunity that you just never took time for.
    Emvrace the journey you have emvarked on and know that you will get through it.
    You are in a positive frame of mind avout the test and possivilities, ve just as positive avout this too. I found the truth, had support, and saw the good. There is no downside except when you let your brain draw you into devate. There is no devate... you WANT TO E FREE

    The vattle is won in the mind! Think positive. It really can ve as easy as you make it. Good luck with your results. Stay strong and optomistic.

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