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Posted in Reasons to quit 25 May 2020
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I have recovered from breast cancer and bilateral mastectomy 5 years ago. Last surgery for recon Feb this year. Down to 3 mth appointments with my plastic surgery today! Yeah!! So live with my partner who smokes cigars and we have both recently stopped smoking cannabis. 4 months butI am having difficulty kicking the smokes. I will go a day without any and then I will make any excuse and validate smoking and go get some. Does anybody have any ideas on how to stop this anxious feeling and failure to commit?

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast May 26, 2020 | 8:32
    Welcome Jenny's scream, Congratulations on your recovery from breast cancer, you must be so thankful to those helping you on your way through this ordeal.

    You have all the reasons in the world to stop smoking anything. I only know about Nicotine and the hateful way it pulls you back and back until you think you have no power over it, but you do.

    I am sure you have adjusted your mental outlook to overcome hurdles with your condition, but it needs to be overcome with the happiness that you can now be free of this terrible Nicotine. Please read the "Easy way to Stop smoking" by Alan Carr and look at videos for motivation one video which resonated with me was "How to be a happy non smoker" presented by Nasios Davos at TEDxUniversityofPiraeus, it will give you an understanding of yourself in relation to the drug Nicotine, I have never smoked any other drug so I cannot help you there. Some others might shine a light on this for you.

    We all procrastinate at some time or other, but if this continues you will run out of excuses. Time to set yourself a QUIT DATE and work all these things out, with everyone on this forum.

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