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Posted in Reasons to quit 25 May 2020

I am sick of borrowing money off my little sister and friend

To buy smokes

I a tired of borrowing off mates smokes

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  • Happiness May 25, 2020 | 7:31
    You sound young. I love seeing the young ones coming to their senses and quiting smoking. In our day it was glamourized and everyone smoked. Today it has become somewhat socially unacceptable. Certainly more restrictive. While we , at least I, resented that we were treated like second class citizens, today I can see they slowed down my slowly killing myself. Don't think you have to quit merely because you can't afford to smoke any longer. Money is only one aspect of it. There are many reasons to. Freedom being among them. Suddenly we are free, no longer slaves to feed our master. Time is ours! And in the long run, more time we will have. Embrace the idea of being a free soul,choose your own path, be proud! Rea and learn all you can. It does make it easier.
  • mandella, Mid North Coast May 25, 2020 | 8:47
    G'day Ruby747. Realising the different ways Nicotine has power over you, ie. borrowing money or smokes is a great step to quitting successfully. Doesn't matter how much or how long you smoked, you are a slave and only you can break the chains of bondage. Personally i smoked for 53 years, had 3 previous failed attempts. Today on my 4th attempt i am 110 days down freedoms road, with the help of the people on this site, and the realisation i was dying. You can do this and i will look forward to reading about your progress, Cheers & Good Luck!

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