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Posted in Hints and tips 24 May 2020
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A little about myself is I use to be addicted to substances for years but now have the freedom we all deserve. Since then I became heavily involved in self education self help and personal development. I hope the knowledge in this book can help someone.

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  • Happiness May 24, 2020 | 23:23
    Hi. Although I haven't read your self help book I will. I will take this opportunity to congratulate those who opted to better there lives and heath by quitting smoking and to those in the process. For those debating their really is no debate. Please join us here and let us help you to achieve what you may have once thought was impossible. We are proof that Nicotine addiction is not stronger than our desire for freedom. We took our heads out of the sand and opened our eyes to the truths. You can do the same.

    Many of us here are older. I am retired. While quitting smoking is one the the best thing to do to improve our health, even it alone is not enough. I found out the hard way. Smoking took it's toll and lack of exercise after I quit work and quit smoking resulted in a stroke. Losing 5% of your weight can help too if you are overweight. Keep those arteries in good repair and enjoy the gift of life. Be a Happy Non-Smoker.

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