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Hi I'm new

Posted in Staying quit 24 May 2020

Hi all I'm new to this but it's not my first quit I have done 3 day cold turkey, I had one cigarette last night but am staying strong from now on I'm having hot and cold flushes, head ache, body pains but it will pass any suggestions

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  • mandella , Mid North Coast May 24, 2020 | 10:47
    G'day Fatuma, congratulations on your decision to quit. Doesn't matter if this is your first time or one hundred and first time. This is my 4th time and happily I am 110 days down the road, thanks to my realisation that nicotine was killing me and sending me broke as well. The secret i feel is to believe that you have made probably the most important decision or your life and stick close to this site as regular as you need it. Read other stories how others have quit and stayed quit. The pains and sense of unease are normal and will pass eventually, inside a month at least. Getting hold of Alan Carr's book, Easy way to stop smoking isn't a bad idea either. It helped me!! Good luck on your journey
  • Gemma23 May 24, 2020 | 20:27
    I recommend Alan carr also great book to read
  • Happiness May 24, 2020 | 22:17
    I am the one who usually recommends ready Allan Carr's book. Well worth the few dollars you will replace in the first weekk. The insight he gives makes it easy to quit smoking. I am glad you found us and know that sites like this gave me the belief that i could quit. Positive thinking is key. Also N>O>P>E> not one puff ever. After 72 hours of your last nicotine fix, you are pretty much over the nicotine addiction. That one cigarette reset the clock. Next comes the psycholgolical part of the journey. Living with the friend, which isn;t a friend at all. Nor did it ever do anything you may have believed it did. We need to undo the brainwashing, replace the bad habit with a good habit and perhaps most importantly embrace the changes for the better, Wanting to do something is far more acceptable than having to do something. Desire the freedom and pride quitting smoking will give as that is all it ever can give.

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