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Getting better everyday

Posted in Quit experiences 22 May 2020

Stay positive,stay calm...

Guys..have u ever experienced to drink coffee

after quitting smoking and it tastes like mud? I have this post nasal drip. Mild soar throat. Mild pain in my chest.. for almost 2weeks now. I'm 8 weeks free tomorrow.I feel 70% normal. Getting better everyday.i can breath easily. Thank God🙏

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  • Happiness May 22, 2020 | 3:08
    I am so glad to hear that each day is getting better for you Sadm3. I can't imagine why the coffee tastes off unless perhasps it is too strong? While you smoked and your taste buds weren't as keen, maybe you compensated and made stronger coffee.? If it is just coffee that isn't as you remember, perhaps our tastes have changed. They do you know.

    Keep up the good work and congratulations on closing in on two months smoke -free. You Rock!
  • softly40, Mid North Coast May 22, 2020 | 7:38
    Congratulations to you are in order for 8 weeks smoke free. You might not be able to reward yourself the way you want, so ******** these are Gold stars one for every week. I chose not to have coffee because the smoking and coffee were in tandem in my brain, now I am glad I didn't have any because these were giving me heart palpitations. Its a good time to start researching other drinks in place of coffee. you could try Decafe or tea I have just started on Turmeric Tea one per day. Apparently good for the immune system and inflammation.

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