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My quitting story so far

Posted in Quit experiences 19 May 2020
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Hi everyone, I just wanted to join this group and post my quitting journey so far, I’m from the UK.

I decided to quit on the 22 of April 2020, as I’d had enough! So I bought a vape and used that instead, the first two weeks I felt great and more of energy and didn’t crave cigarettes, I then on the 3rd week decided to quit the vape also! Ever since the 3rd week I’ve been having episodes of breathlessness and I’ve been bloated quite regularly with my bowel movement nowhere as regular as it was when I smoked! I haven’t really had an increase in appetite either, I knew it would be mentally and physically hard, but I didn’t think it would get harder. Does it get better and easier? Needing some support as it does make me quite anxious when I have my spells of bloating !

My other side effects along the journey include;


Dizzy spells

Loss of appetite


Short breaths


Thanks everyone

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1 Comment

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast May 19, 2020 | 9:16
    Welcome gamerdude, no mystery in what you like to distract yourself with now that you have stopped smoking. It is very early days, and yes our bodies are going through tremendous changes, some more so than others. I suffered bloating and constipation, and went to see a dietician, you might like to work on your diet now that you have travelled this far.

    Plenty of fruit and loads of water is a start. Exercise or movement that you enjoy also helps tune up your body too and of course my favorite is Deep breathing and relaxing those muscles, for about 10 mins every day, Deep breath in slow breath out. Try it. Congratulations on 4 weeks.

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