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51days journey

Posted in Quit experiences 17 May 2020

Smoke for 9 yrs. 4 to 6 stick per day. And I just stop all of a sudden. Without a plan or alternative medicine. And the rollercoaster ride begin. I Experience all..almost all of the symptoms 😭

I'm 51 days free and I have shortness of breath again,pain in the chest and back pain.(its a mild pain) coughing is gone but I am sneezing every morning for 2 days now..and sometimes I feel fear all of a sudden. Lasted 2 minutes. I am taking small steps at a time."dont worry about tomorrow.just fucos on today"that is exactly what I'm telling my self..My anxiety still goin.symptoms lessen everyday. It's not that painful like before. Am just gonna right down my experience and When this journey is over. I would like to read this again to remind my self how painful it is to stop.

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  • Happiness May 18, 2020 | 23:24
    Hi Sadm3. Writing down your memoirs of the journey is a great idea. Make it something of the past, over and done with successfully the first time without having to do it again. Ensure you won't relapse by continuing to visit this site on a regular basis as a reminder as well. I am glad to hear that things are gradually getting better for you. As to the sneezing I wanted to relay how I was outside last week and had a sneezing fit. I did not have allergies that I know of, but now I wonder.
    Think positive and embrace the journey, it does get easier as you go and believe and desire.
  • Sadm3 May 18, 2020 | 23:57
    Sneezing is gone.the coughing still present.and I feel itchy in my back and my rashes or something but is itchy and annoying.getting easier day by day.. today I feel a bet normal. Except the pain in my back..upper part. So more panic attack.. thank god! 🙏 Am gonna be free soon.... Yay!

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