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encouragement for people with mental health problems

Posted in Reasons to quit 07 May 2020

As someone diagnosed as bipolar, I used to rationalize smoking thinking it helped with stress, anxiety and depression. There is now, however, solid evidence showing by stopping smoking you reduce stress anxiety and depression as you're not spending over half the day in the state of withdrawal between cigarettes. Therefore, if you want better mental health, which everyone does, stop and stay off cigarettes!

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  • Soul & Heart May 07, 2020 | 5:16
    Greetings, swilliams. I should look into this. See what studies suggest. In my personal experience, my mental health was at it's best when I was smoking, but not a lot. In the 3 to 6 smokes a day range. However, I have not been smoke-free long enough to know how my mental health would be without withdrawal. If you have any suggestions on links I should read I would greatly appreciate it.
  • swilliams May 07, 2020 | 6:27
    Incredibly helpful 4min video on how stopping smoking improves mental health

  • Soul & Heart May 07, 2020 | 7:33
    Thanks for sharing. Was very interesting. Something I shall look more into. Cheers!

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