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Inspiring stories from ex-smokers :)

Posted in Hints and tips 23 Apr 2020
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I've been surrounded by smokers all my life and am now 100% smoke-free. Recently I've actually been collecting stories from people who quit and have got some fantastic quitting ideas, and I hope it can inspire others. Some of the stories I've read include quitting for the sake of your new child, quitting to be accountable to your partner, quitting after trying a particularly nasty cigarette and more. I thought this community would enjoy some of them:

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1 Comment

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  • Soul & Heart April 24, 2020 | 6:21
    Welcome to the community, Katie. Very touching and heart warming for you to share your research/project with us. I am still a newbie at this quitting thing. It is very difficult. Your collection of stories makes sense of many reasons to stay smoke-free and why to quit. I am not really sure I can pin point my reason for quitting. Not that it should really matter. I hope I can continue to be smoke-free and one day add my story to your collection. Thank you for sharing and shinning some light down on us to help and inspire.

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