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Posted in Staying quit 21 Apr 2020

Greetings all. I have been viewing this wonderful community for weeks. Has been very helpful with my journey of staying smoke free. Decided it was time I joined. Maybe my story can help others and I can offer support. I have been smoke free for a week and a half. After smoking for roughly twenty years. Couldn't even say why I decided to quit. My last pack was running low and I never bothered to buy anymore. Maybe it was everything going on with Covid-19. And I felt going out just for smokes was foolish. Or I just knew it was time to quit. I have a single cig remaining. Part of me wants to buy another pack just to see if I have this under control and I still wouldn't smoke.

I quit cold turkey. A lot of green tea and carrot juice. When I really get a craving, I put a cinnamon stick in my mouth. My main weapon to quit smoking has been my mind. Looking at pics, gifs, and video of people smoking, snaps me out of wanting to smoke. Music has been helpful also. Had a relationship end before I quit smoking. Even though it should be killing me to hear, love songs and breakup songs help me not smoke. I have trained my brain to think the songs are about smoking or not smoking, depending on the lyrics. Some times the songs do remind me of the relationship. It's just something I have to deal with since it is so effective at helping me stop smoking. I doubt my methods will work for the average person wanting to quit. If cold turkey is the method you try, it really is all about getting in your own head and making your mind work with you instead of against you.

The main withdrawal I deal with is constantly being tired. Hopeful that will eventually go away. I know working out or going for walks would help. Before I stopped smoking I found working out and going for walks made me smoke. So I kinda don't want to rock the boat on my progress. I will probably start quick mini workouts to test how I feel. All things considered, I am very happy I have been able to do what I didn't think I could. Always figured I'd be a smoker for life and at best would limit my smokes per day. Knock on wood, I hope I am able to keep this up and never smoke again. Giving up this nasty habit isn't easy. I am glad to join a community so focused on sharing and support. Wishing everyone a great day full of strength and joy.

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  • Happiness April 21, 2020 | 23:50
    Thanks for sharing Soul & Heart. Everyone's stories and views are helpful to someone .

    Quitting smoking is indeed achieved by setting the mind to work. Choosing what you feel would work best for you is important. Knowing yourself enough to avoid the pitfalls is commendable. Some form of exercise is important though. I didn't get into exercise and I am sure that was a large factor in having a stroke. It is especially important in building your immune system , as is a healthy diet, and reducing stress. Quitting smoking is of great benefit but please don't stop there.

    Knowledge is power. You can do this!
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW April 22, 2020 | 0:13
    You will not worry about not smoking. Its something that in time you / we can really be so pleased about. I am using my mind to accept not smoking from 6 feb 2020 and will not falter.
    I find it getting so much easier every week.

    Happ' Despite the COVID-19 we are so disturbed by Nova Scotia Mass Killing in Canada. Cant understand it? Stay calm.
  • mandella, Mid North Coast April 22, 2020 | 10:48
    welcome soul and heart, like you, i ran out of cigs and couldn't be bothered to go and buy more. You have already made the decision to stop so i would suggest not tempting yourself by keeping i cig. or buying more, not worth it. Stick with this forum, be true to yourself. It does get easier Cheers!
  • Dixie April 23, 2020 | 2:49
    I too because of the stay at home order in my state of Florida decided to quit smoking and not take a chance of getting the virus by going out and buying more cigarettes. You are doing so well. Being tired helped me as I quit cold turkey too, I would just sleep and it would get me through cravings. You are stronger than me because I would of already smoked that cigarette you are saving. I got rid of all reminders of cigarettes. All lighters and ashtrays were thrown out. I refuse to go back. Stay strong.
  • Soul & Heart April 23, 2020 | 4:59
    @Happiness, I know I really need to start exercising. Thanks for the kind words and all the support you offer not only myself, but everyone here in this community.

    @PuffNoMore, Glad you have been successful since Feb. Thanks for your support. I have been reading way too much about Covid-19 and now the mass shooting. Very sad.

    @mandella, I will stick with this wonderful forum. I did get a pack. Stupid I know. Had to see how strong my willpower is. The pack is still sealed and I have not smoked one. Maybe I set an anniversary date were I throw it away. Thanks for the support.

    @Dixie, I wouldn't mind sleeping the cravings away but I am at the stage of my life when I should be accomplishing some things for my future. I did buy a pack. The single smoke, the pack, lighter, etc give me strength. And a way to keep me in check. If I slip I won't be able to deny it to friends and family if I can't show the single smoke and unopened pack. I should get rid of it all one day. Thanks for the support. You stay strong, also.

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