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Posted in Getting started 01 Apr 2020

Hi all, I've started giving up smoking and failed for about 20yrs. With the coronaviris going around and currently fighting broncual asthma I made the decision two days ago to give it a shot to quit today. I do however get anxiety without cigarettes and it jumps on my nerves that's why I take up smoking over and over again. I have Nicorette patches and loginzens.

Any tips'n tricks to help will be much appreciated.

Thanks, Kylie 😀

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  • Happiness April 02, 2020 | 7:47
    Im glad to see you doing something to protect yourself. Your breathing will improve immensely. Take deep breaths and strengthen your lungs as well as oxengenate your cells. Your body will fight back if you treat it right. Read posts and Allan Carr's free e book I have posted. You will do it this time. Think positive.
  • Kylie0178 April 01, 2020 | 13:13
    Thanks Zen and congrats, that's great!
    Anxiety is my main concern, the last time I gave up was 13months but the anxiety never left and I was forced back on my antidepressants and still had a hard time. Being a single mum of tween and teen girls isn't easy either haha. I'm going to do burpees every craving I hope it helps instead of chocolate lol
  • Zen Calm April 01, 2020 | 12:36
    Hi Kylie, good decision well done. I stubbed out my last poison stick on the 15th March. So far I’ve found the patches are working for me, along with looking after myself. I felt very anxious and scared about quitting. Guess what!
    My anxiety levels are much lower without smoking. Spotify has good meditation and relaxing music . Drink heaps of water. Each day gets better. 🤗

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