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Posted in Staying quit 31 Mar 2020

I joined the day I quit 8/8/2017, I look back now and what a struggle day 1 was but we all start a new path at some point, this was my day. The first few days, I rememeber sleeping a lot, then I remember playing a game to get my mind off my old habit. I remember car rides a trigger for me and fighting through those urges, thinking those were going to last and last and after a few times of doing it piece of cake now, those urges however strong I kept not giving in day after day not giving it not lighting up. Its ok it will be ok to not light up, to not give in. I didn't realize how much a smoker smells bad the skin, the hair the odor I don't miss that. I like my new smoke free self. Do I miss it yeah, it comes to mind but not near as often and is a passing thought now. I did whatever necessary to change my mind set, get off the lighting up idea. I never would of imagined 2 years in the beginning of my journey but I feel on the other side now of lighting up, which makes me proud and happy.

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  • softly40 , Mid North Coast April 01, 2020 | 7:43
    Hi again JD /congratulations on your two years quit. I thought about those so called urges you mentioned, as I experienced something similar depending on the situation. I worked out that this was more of a memory than an urge, and reminded myself how lucky I am not to be there anymore.

    All of us should feel proud, free and happy on our journey Great job keep safe
  • Happiness April 02, 2020 | 7:58
    Congratulations JDKeys. I can't imagine going back to that disqusting, costly addiction. Freedom is great!

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