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Hunter New England

on my way to being a non-smoker

Posted in Getting started 22 Mar 2020

I have just decided to start my journey to quitting today.. I think i am going to cut down first and then eventually give them away altogether. I am thinking about getting some gum from the store to see if that will help me. I have a high paced job and am constantly moving and would love to be a non smoker for health reasons. I treat myself on work breaks to a cigarette, it has become a routine so that will be difficult to break. Today i start my journey to eventually being a non-smoker and i really hope i can get there sooner rather than later. Thanks for reading

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  • Happiness March 22, 2020 | 23:48
    Hi Steph and Welcome. ay I suggest that you click on my name here and read my post of "If You'cw given Up, Givin Up, Try This". First it will help you cut down naturally and begin to set the mindset needed to succeed more easily. Face it, it is not a routine, it is an addiction, but you can change that. Read our posts and whatever you can on nicotine. Understand why you smoke and how it does nothing for you but make you crave another. End the cycle. Also read Allan Carr free that i have posted. You can quit smoking.
  • Red-67 March 23, 2020 | 1:59
    Welcome Steph :)
    As a smoker, you go for a smoke, and light up, without a thought. While you are cutting down, make yourself just stop, and simply LOOK at that little tube of tobacco, you LET run your life, take your time, your money, and your health. Begin to change the way you think about them. Understand, that that cigarette, is no treat at all. It's just your smoking addiction making you think that way. Yes, you are an addict, and a slave to a little tobacco !! You do not have to think,, Long Journey, or eventually, or HOPE that you can do it. You CAN do it, and it can be as fast, and as easy, as YOU make it.. :) Make a smoke something you simply do NOT WANT..
    That simple change in thought process is what really helped me break free, in just a few weeks, with no real craving, or missing them, after being a stupid slave to smoking, for 45+ years. You CAN do it too :)

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