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Coronuvirus scare is real, however...

Posted in Hints and tips 13 Mar 2020

No amount of nicotine will fix the virus. More nicotine will however hasten likelihood of early death and delay any quit attempts possibly for a long ime. The only time we will have no more stress in our lives is when we are dead. Cigarettes merely delay any other thought processes. Solve absolutely nothing. Having wasted time and more money by inhaling smoke means that we would find ourselves back at base one and certainly no closer to a solution. 99% of worry is for nothing anyhow. And what will be will be.

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  • Nuts March 14, 2020 | 12:32
    I think that smoking creates more stress. You are always stressing about money for your next pack or that cough that wont go away, or puffing your way up the stairs, or sneaking out of work to have a quick smoke. And the list goes on. Once we quit all of that stress is gone. Smoking will not heal any virus . It will probably make it worse. Well done to all quitters 😚💕
  • Happiness March 14, 2020 | 2:17

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