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Sheer will power and using the money for something you really want

Posted in Getting started 07 Mar 2020

Giving up coz I can. When overseas smoke flavoured cigars. Australia wants us to give up but more ppl will scrounge for butts or hit up cars for change. All anti smoking aids should be tax free (or gst).

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  • Happiness March 08, 2020 | 0:54
    Perhaps quit smoking aids should be tax free but I rather doubt that deters those who are serious about quitting smoking. If it were about saving pennies you would have quit long ago.Bottom line is that you need to want to quit and once you do you will reap much more than the thousands in monetaty savings. Be healthy. Live Free.
  • Happiness March 08, 2020 | 1:14
    I must add that the want to quit and the mindset and knowledge of nicotine addiction makes it much easier to quit than sheer will power. The truth learned will go a long way in helping to achieve your goal and in staying quit.

    Many have quit THE EASY WAY

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