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High horse quitters

Posted in Quit experiences 29 Feb 2020

Beware of people who put on this facade forgetting that they too were once stuck and controlled by poison now that they feel like they have it under control they feel they can tell everyone what and what not to do and how they should handle it and if it's not the way they feel they should be then it's not right get off your high horse I applaud anybody that that tries to better themselves I don't care if it's a little or a lot you're trying I don't sit on the high horse and I don't sit high and look low upon anyone and I'm not too fond of people that do and I don't want to be involved in any form that does tread lightly

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  • DAB57 March 09, 2020 | 21:40
    Unnecessary bullying
  • Lia March 01, 2020 | 22:28
    Totally agree with weewillem, (WTF), not to mention all others posting here. How disappointing! You just don't get it!
  • weewillem February 29, 2020 | 23:54
  • Nuts February 29, 2020 | 20:58
    Hi Tyg. You have us all wrong. We are not sitting on a high horse and we dont look down on anyone. We were all smokers and we all have different quit stories. We are not here to tell anyone what to do. We just want to give advise. I know that when i first quit, i wanted some advise and kindness from others. I wanted to know what to expect and how to handle it. The wonderful people on this forum welcomed me and helped me through my quit. I was not judged at all. I am so glad that i found this forum and even though i no longer need it, i hope that i can help a new quitter in some small way. Congrats on your quit mate. All the best for the future 👍💕
  • Happiness February 29, 2020 | 15:33
    While you may not feel the need for this forum any longer, I would remind others that forums like this also help others in the future, while keeping us committed to our own quits. Together we offer a valuable service to be proud of. Everyone is different and so will their quits be. We can only offer support and advice in hopes it will be of help to someone. All the best to you Tyg. Great job!
  • Tyg February 29, 2020 | 11:44
    I'm glad I got the notification you seen it like I told you before I'm not reading your response but go ahead and exercise your fingers good mantra
  • Red-67 February 29, 2020 | 10:08
    Wow.. I don't think there is anyone here putting on a facade, or forgetting that we too were once slaves to smoking.. We just try to share what worked, for each of us, and how it CAN be.
  • Leeann , Central Coast February 29, 2020 | 9:47
    Hi Tyg, sorry you feel that way. I personally find this group super supportive and i wouldnt be smoke free right now without these amazing bunch of people. I personally have had more starts than pharlap and quite a few grand falls off the wagon. I just refuse to lose the battle and choose to fight for my health, wealth and family. We all know mate we are one puff away from the addiction, so we dont judge, we support our fellow quitters and offer high fives, praise and encouragement. Noone looks down on anyone, we are all the same. We were as Red says, which is true, stupid smokers. Keep your chin up and i hope you have a good day😊

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