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I quit using e-cigarettes. You can too!

Posted in Hints and tips 16 Aug 2012

OK, so I was a 50 a day smoker and so was my partner. I had been smoking since I was 13 years old and since then have been totally hooked. I tried EVERYTHING, you name it- patches, gum, Champix (that was horrid) hypnotherapy those inhaler things and cold turkey. NOTHING worked and I found myself everytime being upset, irritable and going straight back to those smokes.

That is until I found out about e cigarettes. Using an e cigarette you get the same sensation as having a smoke but you breathe out VAPOR. No smoke/second hand smoke. No 4000 chemicals. And they taste fantastic! NOTHING bad. If people try to tell you otherwise then do your research. There is plenty of infomation on it. I recommend for the Aussies who have more questions to visit an Australian forum called if you have anymore questions regarding e cigarettes. There is a ton of infomation and loads of people who are having success doing the switch.

Basically, you use a device (you can get ones that actually look like smokes) but I have what is called an ego twist, and the vape that you inhale is a warm vape to mimic the cigarette more effectively. It's safe and thousands of people are having success. And it is CHEAP! I spend about $1.50 a day on my e-fluid (this is the nicotine fluid you use to fill up your vaping device). Remember, I was 50 a day so that is massive savings for me. You can buy the devices from Australia but you have to buy the nicotine fluid (which you will need for success) from overseas. Everywhere sells it - New Zealand, USA, China, UK everywhere.. but Australia. Go figure. Maybe the Australian government fear people actually stopping smoking as they reap so much bloody money from the smokers here. I mean they have just invested 147 million dollars in British tobacco. Yeh, they don't put  that on TV now do they?

The thing is. I enjoyed smoking, but the negatives were outweighing the good. Especially the price and the nasty smell of cigarettes. I failed everytime because it was the psychological part I struggled with. Life became a little dull having no smoke with my coffee, or getting stressed out and not having a smoke to calm me down.. and all those other triggers where you love to have a smoke! With e cigs I can have that sensation of smoking and NOT smoke.

What's great is that you either:

  • Vape instead of smoking (which is what I do and have no plans to stop)
  • Cut down your cigarettes by vaping in between smoking.
  • OR when you completely vape and not smoke you can buy lower nicotimes flavours and eventually vape on no nicotine. The no nicotine flavours you can actually buy from Australia.

I'm telling you all this because I never thought I could quit. Never. And the thought of a smoke now is so uninticing. Why would I want a dirty smoke when instead I can vape on a strawberry shortcake,  banana, apple or vanilla vape? Or if you really want a tobacco flavour there is plenty of them as well.

I am in no way affiliated with any company of e cigs, I am just an Aussie girl that found something that worked that I want to share. Four people I know have made the switch just from seeing me give up and use the e cig. If you're someone that struggles with missing the hand to mouth motion or just simply missing smoking and struggling. This is for you.

There is hope guys. I have not had a smoke for 5 1/2 months and neither has my man.

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  • Alburyman , Murrumbidgee August 16, 2012 | 18:47
    Ok, I think that this post is an advertisement. E cigs are illegal to be sold in Australia, and from what Ive read there has been no studies to prove that they cause you no harm!
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW August 16, 2012 | 19:29
    Oh, really? Illegal? Mate, do your research before you go around acting like a know all. I came here to help people as it has helped me. I know how hard it is to quit and as far as I see it e-cigs are a nicotine replacement therapy. And if they are illegal then why are there shops selling them online IN Australia?

  • RIDING OLD SKOOL , South Eastern Sydney August 16, 2012 | 20:17
    Alburyman i disagree with your post,
    It is legal for venders to sell E cigarets and fluid in Australia as long as the e fluid is nicotine free.
    It is legal to buy e fluid containing nicotine from outside of Australia and import it for personal use.
    I think your jumping the gun accusing anyone singing the praises of anything that helped them to quit smoking!
    I to am an ex smoker that try'd every thing to give up and vaping worked for me.

    read up sunshine...

    I posted this comment drawing back thick warm vapor that's caramel candy favored oh yes it has got nicotine in it to !

  • kritikal August 17, 2012 | 2:51
    Fact: eCigarette devices are illegal to sell (not buy) in Victoria
    Fact: eCigarettes are legal to sell, supply and purchase in every other state.
    Fact: It is illegal to sell and supply nicotine in Australia.
    Fact: It is legal to import nicotine internationally for personal consumption.
    Fact: eCigarettes have helped millions the world over quit cigarettes.
    Fact: Thousands of these are Australian.
    Fact: Many of these millions who succeeded with eCigarettes attempted traditional NRT's and failed.
    Fact: 'Vaping' is a healthier alternative to smoking and toxicity levels are on par with traditional NRT's
    Fact: Many 'vapers' are so proud of their success and so enthusiastic about 'vaping' that write ups such as the above are common.

    Is it a bunch of hocus pocus? I'll let you decide that, all that I can say is that it's worked for me and millions of others. There's only one real way to find out though and that's try one for yourself! :)

    I believe that the Sally4444 was talking about the website "". There is also the board "" (minus the ".au") which I frequent.
    Come on over, have a chat, the members are more than happy to help you with any questions and guide you on your vaping journey. :)
  • rainbow4006 August 17, 2012 | 6:45
    i know you can buy e cigs from westfield shopping centres in brisbane, including the no nicotine vapour. all over the internet, former smokers are raging about these e cigs, but no one complains about posts re champix, patches, gum etc, i find this incredibly interesting from what i can see its a fairly new thing for australia but has been going on in europe and america for a number of years, why are reformed smokers so afraid of this? it is just another quit aid for many people. i have been using an e cig for the past month (no nicotine) i gave up smoking 5 months ago, i find it quite enjoyable, but not really compararable to smoking normal cigs, and NO I DONT WANT TO TAKE UP SMOKING AGAIN, it has not made me want to at all, but i must say i enjoy the blowing out of the no nicotine vapour, it works on a very similar principle to a asthma puffer, so relax people, and those that are using them enjoy! :)
  • tug August 17, 2012 | 8:00
    Good on ya Sally. What ever you choose to get there it's good. I did the same thing. A 25 pad habit finished overnight. Way better than any aid offered on this site. I enjoy my nicotine, but don't have to increase my chances of dying younger and according to recent studies on vapour I'm not hurting anyone around me as well.
  • dr.feelgood , Western NSW August 17, 2012 | 8:58
    that is because this site is about quitting smoking, nicotine as well. you are still an addict, i gave up nicotine and i sure don't miss it oh well enjoy your vapors. i enjoy breathing fresh air.
  • icarus August 17, 2012 | 9:50
    Dr. Feelgood - once an addict, always an addict - that doesn't change whether you stop smoking, vaping or whatever.

    The difference is between practising and non-practising addicts.

    I was smoking 5 x 50g pouches of tobacco a week up until 3 weeks ago - tried patches, gum, lozenges and cold turkey. Nothing worked. After nearly three decades of non-stop smoking I picked up an e-cigarette 3 weeks ago and haven't had a puff of a tobacco ciggie since. The positive physical benefits of ceasing smoking while using e-cigs have been astounding.

    For me, I am treating it like an NRT - I will slowly wind back the nicotine and then the vaping altogether.

    Just a few weeks ago I had no hope, now I do. Don't dump on something simply because you don't understand it because by doing so, you'll likely be signing a death sentence for many smokers who like me saw no other alternative.
  • Moderator Moderator August 17, 2012 | 11:17

    Your comment has been moderated due to not abiding by the terms and conditions of iCanQuit. Please feel free to repost an edited comment that complies with the guidelines.

    Many thanks,
    the iCanQuit moderating team
  • Fatman August 17, 2012 | 11:26
    Alburyman some research , think, and then post ... All the above posters are 100% correct As regarding the "No Studies" comment , Dr Murray Laugesen of Health NZ pioneered the first unbiased study and found them completely harmless and actually recommends they be used as NRT , The UK govt is throwing its weight behind them ... even the FDA , who doesnt want to support them , found no more carcinogens etc in e-cig vapour than what is found in commercially available NRT ... they tried to pass this off as a bad thing , while cleverly forgetting to mention current NRT has the same level of toxins ... So by your logic ALL Nicotine Replacement Therapy should be banned?
    It is misinformation such as your comments that keep big Pharma and big tobacco in business .
  • Moderator Moderator August 17, 2012 | 11:30
    Dear iCanQuit community,

    It's great that this discussion is happening at iCanQuit - thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts.

    At this point, the use of e-cigarettes in Australia is not endorsed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), as e-cigarettes' safety and effectiveness has not yet been determined. You can check out the following link for the latest information:

    On the other hand, there are many NRT products that have been proven safe. We have information on those right here on iCanQuit:

    Please keep in mind that posting links to product websites is not allowed under the iCanQuit terms and conditions of use; these comments will be edited or removed by the moderating team.

    Finally, please remember to keep your comments here positive - everyone's quit journey is unique, with different methods working for different people. We're all here to support each other!

    Have a great Quit Day!

    The iCanQuit Team
  • WokinDog August 17, 2012 | 11:35
    @ dr.feelgood hi mate I have quit the ciggies using n e-cig and have no thoughts of giving up the nicotine......check this out.
    Alzheimer's runs strong in Both sides of my family and if nicotine can help to keep the old grey matter functioning a few more years so be it !!!!
    I'm not filling my lungs with tar or 4000 odd other chemicals, I dont hack anymore, havent felt better in near 30 years.
    Go for it Sally. Keep on Vapin :)
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW August 17, 2012 | 11:37
    I have corrected the information regarding the website, I did in fact mean (thank you Kritikal). :)

    Yes, I am still addicted to nicotine but as Riding Old Skool has stated it is a drug compared to caffeine. Here is a site with more info on nicotine itself

    The e cigs provide an alternative for me to get my nicotine fix with minimal damage, to myself and others around me. Win Win.

    I understand if I've come off to some as an "advetisment" but honestly, I DO feel like screaming the information from the rooftops and I will continue to do so. If I can help more people become aware of their choices then I'm doing a good deed. And if that makes me look like a billboard then, so be it!
  • Ozzie August 17, 2012 | 12:06
    I gave up smoking the hard way- cold turkey. I wish e-cigs had been around back then. NRT were and they did not work.

    For those knockers of this new product- do your research.

  • Fatman August 17, 2012 | 12:08
    Sally , you are a legend in my book , as is anyone who can get off the smokes ... E-Cigs worked for me , they worked for you .. I truly think they can work for anybody who is willing to give them a go and learn . The forum you linked to is a great source of knowledge and support . It is a POSITIVE community , without being Zealots ( something few Quit sites are ) There are thousands of aussies who have given up cigarettes using e-cigs , anectdotally I think it has the best success ratio of ANY form of nicotine replacement therapy .
  • tug August 17, 2012 | 12:31
    Yeah like Champix is safe! Australia needs to catch up to why a lot of people in UK/Europe/US are catching on to these alternative delivery devices and pragmatically accept them as a much better alternative to the quit or maybe die mantra.
  • valleyjohn , Northern NSW August 17, 2012 | 12:33
    Well done Sally4444 and your post if read by anyone willing to do their own research into the effectiveness of ecigarettes (or shall we call them personal inhalers), will undoubtedly help people to a healthier lifestyle.

    The response from the moderator while to be expected unfortunately could lead people to trying quit methods which have been proven by many studies to be at best 5% successful in the long term. Using ecigarettes has been shown in many studies to be very effective in the LONG term in helping people quit smoking tobacco in a dangerous manner i.e. combustion.

    In my own case I have avoided 15600 cigarettes in the 12 months using ecigarettes and feel no need whatsoever to return to smoking.

    This site would be much better thinking of the health of smokers rather than towing the government line which has so many hidden agendas bought about by the pressure large pharmaceutical companies can bring to bear and of cause loss of tax revenue from tobacco sales.

    Anyone seriously interested in quiting smoking and find the drug methods pushed by the pharmaceutical companies do not work for them do the research in ecigs. Good starting point in For unbiassed research try printed in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

    If in doubt consult your doctor and if he or she agrees try ecigarettes for a month and astound the doctor with your improved lung capacity.
  • ElDubya August 17, 2012 | 13:02
    I was on 40+ cigarettes a day for 25 odd years. Zyban put me in hospital, patches and gum never worked, lozenges were useless. In 25 odd years of smoking, I think 3 days of that was spent smoke free. No traditional NRT worked for me. In deperation after having a "smoking WILL kill me" moment, I found e-cigarettes and haven't looked back. 3 months cigarette free for me as of right now and I couldn't be happier. No more coughing, hacking and wheezing. I feel great, I don't smell like a filthy ashtray anymore either which is awesome. For the naysayers, do some research. By itself, nicotine is no more harmful to you than caffeine. It the toxins and poisons from the 4000+ other chemicals in traditional cigarettes that give you cancer, emphysema, lung disease, etc, etc. With e-cigarettes your device burns "e-liquid" which is made up of flavouring, small amounts PG (propylene glycol) and VG (food grade vegetable glycerine) and also may or may not contain nicotine, and you inhale the vapour. When you exhale, you are blowing out water vapour ONLY that resembles smoke. No secondhand smoke worries here. So while e-cigarettes might not be for everyone, they ARE doing a lot of Australians (and millions all over the world) a lot of good and enabling us to get of the filthy cigarettes once and for all. And that HAS to be a good thing, right? This site is all about quitting cigarettes, it's about time people were allowed to see that patches, gum and lozenges aren't the only quit devices that are at their disposal and if traditional forms of NRT aren't working, give e-cigarettes a go. What have you got to lose?
  • eric , Western NSW August 17, 2012 | 13:56
    well what a response to e- cigs. eldubya where did you get you information on nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine, pure nicotine will kill you,so everyone has had their say about e-cigs lets forget about that i think we have heard enough, i on the other hand stopped smoking 2 years ago using champix so that has worked for me well to everyone that has stopped smoking using whatever method good for you and i wish you all the best.
  • Mytime August 17, 2012 | 14:18
    Congratulations to everyone that gives up smoking with what ever means. It takes courage and belief to do this and so the method used will always be a contentious one. There are many issues to deal with when giving up smoking. The actual addiction to the various chemicals of which nicotine is one, the habitual routines which may include the hand to mouth, the stepping outside for a break etc. It might be that a combination of approved NRT products can help with the addiction and the ecig can deal with the habitual routine.

    Anyway it's a moot point, ecig's are not illegal and can be used by anyone over eighteen (i think) NRT does not work for anyone and ecig users option to choose should not be taken away. NRT is now affordable and if it works for you go right ahead. Shouldn't we be more concerned about supporting eveyone's right to pick a method that works for them.
  • Fatman August 17, 2012 | 14:22 Caffeine toxicity
    The dosage in a cup of coffee of caffeine is approximately 85mg up to 200mg for a strong brewed coffee ... 10gr is fatal in most adults ... pure caffeine will kill you just as fast as pure nicotine ;)

    NO-ONE vapes PURE nicotine , just like no-one drinks pure caffeine ... the results would be the same ... like anything dosage is the determining factor ... 5 litres of water is poisonous if you drink it all at once ( if you could)

  • ElDubya August 17, 2012 | 14:22

    I'm talking about the doses e-cigarette users consume here remember, before anyone goes off on a tirade. Yes, pure nicotine will kill you. Personally, I use a liquid that is 12mg/ml.

    "so everyone has had their say about e-cigs lets forget about that i think we have heard enough"

    Who are you to say when people have heard enough about e-cigarettes? You are posting a reply to someone who initially posted about e-cigs and here you are telling potential readers that "we have heard enough." If YOU have heard enough, move on, find something else to read. We are telling people that are finding it hard or indeed impossible to give up cigarettes using traditional NRT that there IS another way, perhaps a BETTER way.

    We should ALL be working together for one reason. To get as MANY people off deadly cigarettes as possible by whatever method necessary! Have a great SMOKE FREE day!

  • WokinDog August 17, 2012 | 14:23
    LOL.Yeah pure nicotine can kill you but so can drinking too much water.......Must be kept in perspective
  • valleyjohn , Northern NSW August 17, 2012 | 14:27
    Good point eric and if champix worked for you great. On nicotine of course pure nicotine will kill you as will many other substances found in the house but the dilution used in ecigs is in the region 6 to 30mg as compared to 999mg in pure nicotine. No one in their right mind would ever handle pure nicotine and no one in the ecig community would condone it.

    Very good post Mytime that is what this site and others should be about - finding solutions that work for smokers to quit. There is a lot of evidence that ecigs are very effective but our government has made it difficult for smokers to access this health risk minimisation strategy.
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW August 17, 2012 | 16:22
    Too much of anything is never a good thing. I couldn't think of anything worse that vaping pure nicotine!

    Eric, you may have heard enough but others on here may read this discussion and find it useful. Why cut it off short?

    I'm grateful for all the positive support on here. At the end of the day, all we're trying to do is give people who are trying to quit more opportunities by sharing our knowledge and experiences. Is that so wrong?

    Education is key.
  • MizzD August 17, 2012 | 18:27
    I too am another EX smoker who has given up using a personal vaporiser. Up until 3 months ago I was smoking 30 cigarettes a day. I have previously tried patches, the inhaler, gum, been hypnotized, done the easy way course and read the book and the longest I ever lasted was three days.

    Even coughing up blood was not enough to make me stop.

    Vaping made it EASY to quit. I am now a non smoker and couldn't be happier.

    I'm glad of this opportunity to share my success, and would love to see more encouragement for people to quit, whichever way works for them!
  • Nat August 17, 2012 | 19:54
    Great honest article short & too the point I too have been there and am 2 weeks off analogs now thanks to my ecigs and some nice eJuices. I am yet to see anyone vaping here in Sydney it's such a shame I see smokers everywhere that that have no idea there is a better, cheaper, tastier alternative. I got my barista, hair dresser, boss, his wife & his sister on the e-cigs they all believed there was no hope in quitting too... I’m getting a Provari & Reo for work tomorrow along with some awesome eJuice (I hope) BTW it’s also so much fun like a hobby, it can be as techy or simple as you want & has a fantastic community vibe. Yeew Vape On I Say.
  • rainbow4006 August 18, 2012 | 15:28
    for those of you in brisbane interested in vaping, there is a shop in sunnybank plaza that is legally selling e cigs, it is all above board, no nicotine, but the same holding of something and blowing out a "smoke like" haze, they are much much cheaper than the ones being sold in westfield shopping centres and staff are incredibly helpful, these are completely harmless, YES harmless, but for those of you that miss the sensation of holding a cig and blowing out the smoke they are an amazing and healthy alternative, i think EVERYONE should be allowed their choice on how they give up smoking, so those reformed smokers crossing their fingers screaming BAD BAD BAD please do your research, and when you have please have the courtesy to encourage and support those that have given up smoking, but have chosen a different path, i myself gave up cold turkey 5 months ago, other than a 3 cig slip up 10 weeks into the quit, i have not touched a normal cig at all, and i decided a few weeks ago to give the e cigs a go, its quite weird, i really enjoy the sensation of blowing out the cig, but in no way shape or form has it made me feel i want to take up smoking again, and i dont even use the e cig every day, just occasionally. good luck everyone in which ever way you choose to do it :)
  • Extre August 20, 2012 | 15:34
    I too have finally quit smoking thanks to ecigs. I was a 25+ a day smoker, and over the past 5 years have tried quitline, patches, gum, microtabs, zyban and champix. Managed to get off the cigarettes for 2 months after zyban treatment, but quickly fell back into addiction. Ive been 7 months cigarette free, the longest time in the past 16yrs of my life. The first week of transition from cigarettes to e-cigs was still a challenge, but I managed. The hardest part was the first cigarette craving in the morning. I started on 24mg nicotine liquid, after 8 weeks cut back to 18mg, and am now on 12mg. As long as I have access to my e-cig I wont ever touch another cigarette. My health has improved and I no longer wake up and have my usual morning coughing fit. Im no longer puffed while doing basic physical activity like walking down the street, and my family are not passive smoking. Thanks E-cig, you have saved my life.
  • essiemessy August 20, 2012 | 16:33
    Um. What's the fuss about??
    I've quit by using ecigs, too. And guess what? No nicotine at all. Just flavoured juices legally available in Australia.
    Admittedly I used patches for a week and a half (after all a forty-year habit is hard to break) until I forgot to put them on in the mornings.

    At the time of quitting, I was using about 20 cigs a day.

    I do have a problem, however with those who look down on nicotine vaping. Why not? The nicotine available to us over-the-counter is very tightly regulated and controlled by not only government, but also the pharma companies who are licensed to manufacture it. A very interesting relationship indeed. A very good reason to not get some 'proper' research going into what's really good and bad for us.
    Just sayin'.
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW August 20, 2012 | 18:02
    @ Nat - I think E cigs are going to become more well known purely by the "ripple effect." You've already converted five people and from there they will convert more smokers themselves. I do not hide my vaping and I'm more than happy to tell people about it when asked. In the last two days three more people have approached me wanting me to write down the information about what to get etc.

    I'm on 12mg as well. I actually tried to do it with no nicotine but really pined for that "throat hit" which I didn't get from the no nicotine. I have no qualms with nicotine, whatsoever, so I will remain on the nicotine.

    @ essiemessy I think majority of people are just misinformed in regards to nicotine. They hear the word and automatically think "bad bad bad!"

    @ MizzD, Rainbow4006, Extre and essiemessy congratulations on your success!
  • essiemessy August 20, 2012 | 18:40
    Thanks, Sally.
    Yep, it's been five whole weeks. And in that whole forty years as a smoker, I've given up for one lot of six weeks, about 15 years ago; and one lot of six months, three years ago. Both times, I used various modes of NRT, and ultimately failed.
    I admit fully that what I'm dealing with here is a habit, as opposed to an addiction. I'm nicotine and smoke free, so no addiction. But jeez I really enjoy the habit, and always have. I still have one, but it's not so filthy. More than that, though, it's fun. All those flavours without one kilojoule! Win/Win.
  • rainbow4006 August 20, 2012 | 21:23
    thanks sally, and thanks for being strong enough to start the e cig debate, i tentatively tried a few weeks ago, but didnt have the guts to follow through after being shot down, people, PLEASE! do your research, i truly believe this is going to be one of the best "helpers" for those wanting to give up smoking once people do some research and stop being so afraid of something that is relatively new (particularly in australia where you dont openly see people vaping, i personally have never seen anyone!).
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW August 20, 2012 | 22:14
    No worries, Rainbow.I went and searched out your story... The negativity is unbelievable. Don't worry, my first comment was someone accusing me of being an advertiser :P

    You're right. It's new and unknown and that makes people wary. But, with the world of information at our fingertips (literally) there's no excuse for rude comments and judgements.

    I saw in another of your posts you were getting a sore throat. I hope you're feeling better :)

  • RIDING OLD SKOOL , South Eastern Sydney August 20, 2012 | 22:47
    FU~Tobacco, i totally agree with your post i did read that are 3 reported deaths from using NRT products and 0 reports of deaths or side effects as a result from vaping
  • rainbow4006 August 21, 2012 | 6:04
    Hi Sally, yep my sore throat has finally abated, while searching sore throats and giving up smoking i saw an article from someone else that had the same problem overseas (im in australia) and they mentioned e cigs and how the water vapour had helped, i really didnt know anything about e cigs, thats how i started the search, who knows it may be just coincendence its settled since using the e cig, maybe not, but thanks for asking :)
  • Moderator Moderator August 21, 2012 | 9:50
    Hi FU-Tobacco,

    Your comment has been moderated due to not abiding by the terms and conditions of iCanQuit. Please feel free to repost an edited comment that complies with the guidelines.

    Many thanks,
    the iCanQuit team
  • Mr_B August 21, 2012 | 10:43
    E-cigs are really a great way to quit, I'd highly suggest trying them if all other methods have failed for you.
    There are fears of safety which can be linked to reports in the hundreds, but the reality is all tests conducted have shown nothing to worry about.
    The number of failures I have seen in atempting to quit using traditional NRT's compared to e-cigs is massive, they just work. It is a shame it takes so long for our government to look into regulation for these, I feel sorry for those wanting to quit without internet or a credit card.
  • chookie84 August 21, 2012 | 13:56
    congrats to all who have quit whichever method you used i have now been 8 days free using patches i know im still in early days but will hopefully stay strong i do have the e cig but without the nicotine my thoughts are really i couldnt use it to quit because i wouldn't really be quiting my nicotine addiction but congrats to all who have and are enjoying remember this is a site to help each other it doesnt matter how they have done it just be proud of yourselfs
  • chookie84 August 21, 2012 | 13:57
    oh and im sorry if it seems i am attcking anyone i was not doing intentionaly sorry if it comes out that way
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW August 21, 2012 | 14:23
    A Rainbow - I'm happy to hear your throat is doing better :)

    @Mr B I feel sorry for people struggling as well.. I know what it feels like and it just eats at you non-stop.

    @Chookie - Congrats on 8 days! It's a big achievement. You can actually get e cigs without nicotine, but what you're doing is working for you and you should be very proud :)
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW August 21, 2012 | 14:26
    Oops just realised you're having it without the nic - don't mind me LOL
  • RIDING OLD SKOOL , South Eastern Sydney August 21, 2012 | 14:28
    here here chookie ! its all about getting of smoking !
    How anyone achieves the goal of quiting don't really mater as long as there having a go and giving methods a chance.
    Stay strong champ!!!
  • essiemessy August 22, 2012 | 11:26
    Good on ya, Chookie :-)
    Any way you can.
    And before you know it, you'll forget to put on a patch one day. And realise you got through the day just fine. That's how it happened for me, anyway. I vape nic-free, too.
    Good for you :-)
  • powerslave August 28, 2012 | 9:38
    Is one of those Recomended methods of quiting "Chapix"
    The one they have done studdies on in Europe & New Zealand and the one they have found to leave 1in5 users with a long term psychological disorder.

    I personally ended up in the emergency ward using it, Cause thats a good way to help someone quit.

    No one has ever said that Vaping or ECig's are perfect but they are a damm sight better than the real thing.
    I cant see why goverment and organisations like the TGA see the proof and read the studdies that have been conducted so far and realise the success that has come from this...

    I dont knock anyone that quits using any method, My mate has quit for 6mths using hypnosis (good on him)
    all I ask is that the TGA or someone to see read and understand the veiws of the real people with the real issues of giving up. I smoked for 20 years and I have used every means possible to try and quit the first day I got my E-Cig I quit :)

    good on everyone that quits and as a community of Smokers and Ex Smoker's we should stand together as one not show so much divide, If we dont have the support of the community what do we have and what hope is there of wining the fight aggainst the other 4000+ chemicals in a regular Ciggy..
  • atanasia November 23, 2012 | 4:46

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  • Skyy27 , Mid North Coast January 24, 2013 | 10:06
    those of you who have used the personal vaporises, I'm looking for help to get started. I'm completely clueless on what to buy, what brands are better ect. I've done some research and am still at a loss... can anyone recommend a brand?
  • Janson2 January 26, 2013 | 12:24
    Only way i have been able to give up the cancer sticks after trying all other stop smoking remedies. I first got onto e-cigs on facebook. Jay-lin e-cig discussion group. Has really worked for me & am happy to purchase off Lyn Brown, she has helped alot to quit.
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW January 27, 2013 | 1:00
    Hi Skyy27, I have had many different PV's. I started with the little ones, but found the vape wasn't as satisfying and the batteries died quickly. I also found that they easily broke (if I dropped them etc).

    I have a Provari and honestly it is amazing! It is a little more on the expensive side, but after having to keep buying the little ones it just kept adding up, and in the big picture it was more expensive. It is an excellent vape and it is sturdy. It also has warranty on it when you buy it. I use a vision v3 clearomizer (the clearomizer is where you put your juice). My battery lasts me all day, and when I go to bed I charge it up. I was a 8mg smoker and I vape on 16 mg (remembering it is not the same as cigarette hit). You also have to buy the nicotine from OS. You can vape on no nicotine, but you will not get the throat hit, it will definitely appease the hand to mouth action ex smokers miss.

    Go on to Aussie vapers website and have a chat, they'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. I wish I had got the Provari straight up, but I was not to know. Good luck!
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW January 27, 2013 | 1:02
    Good work Janson. I'm happy it's worked for you as well. :)
  • juan February 01, 2013 | 16:04

    I have just moved to Sydney from the UK, and I am struggling to find a vendor on the internet for liquid containing nicotine who can export to Australia. Any names? Thanks!
  • PollyKettle February 01, 2013 | 18:22
    On 2nd January I bought an e cigarette and some mint juice with no nicotine and haven't touched a cigarette since. I have smoked for many years and have never thought about giving up let alone giving it a try. I still look for my ashtray and get up to roll a smoke but I just pick up my e cig instead and vape away.

    I don't cough any more and my sense of taste and smell are improving every day.

    Well done to everyone that has given up smoking no matter how you did it.

    We all have to find the right way that suit us and for me the e cigarettes have worked a treat.
  • tigersnake6060 February 03, 2013 | 0:00
    I was smoking 4 32yrs then I heard about e cigarettes. bought one last december, havent a real smoke since.dont miss them at all.I work in a smoke free place I can puff all day now.
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW February 04, 2013 | 13:42
    Hi Juan, there are many places you can import it from via the net. Do you mean flavoured juice with nicotine or nicotine liquid to mix your own flavours? There are many places to by the mixed flavours e.g. vaping mad, Mt Baker, Pink Spot or Health cabin etc. Or to get the straight nic I know health cabin sells it. Please check out if want to ask anything else :)
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW February 04, 2013 | 13:51
    Pollykettle and Tigersnake - well done! You both deserve a pat on your back.

    I am nearly one year off smokes and I wouldn't have been able to do it without vaping. I went to a wedding on the weekend and was offered a drag of a cigarette, and I had no trouble to politely decline. It's quite a liberating feeling to NOT want a smoke.
  • Gj February 06, 2013 | 8:58
    Hallo to all out there, I say congrat to u all for giving up cigs, I did too 18 weeks ago, and I am saving for a cruise, Ian putting away $100 per week, so by this time next yr I will have over $5000. Saved, but u have to make sure you don't use that money no matter what, I gave up on the champixs, they worked for me, but in saying that it took me 3 goes before I did, lat time I quit for 9 mths, but stress got the better of me and I started up again, I am now worried that it will happen again and after reading all this on this forum, I'm wondering if I should get the ecigerettes to try, I have been craving for a cig now for awhile and temped so many time to go buy a packet, only becau there is stuff going n in my life that is upsetting, also I suffer a lot of pain. And u know it's good to hear all of u guys are giving each other support, no one gave me any support, only negative response, I'm going to try really hard not to take up again, got to keep thinking of the money I am saving plus I have a little grand daughter now, even tho they have just moved back to Sydney, am going to miss her so much.
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW February 06, 2013 | 15:40
    Hi Gj, first off congrats on 18 weeks being smoke free! Having a cruise sounds like a fabulous idea for a reward. I'm sorry to hear you're going through a rough time at the moment, it's always the rough times that we feel the need to return to smoking.

    My advice to you would be to research e-cigarettes and nicotine. There are a lot of misconceptions about the two and it's good to have the knowledge before you jump in (there are a few links on this page to get you started). I use e cigs as a healthier alternative to smoking. There is no 4000 chemicals, carcinogens, tar nor smoke involved. And I have got the price down to 1 dollar a day (as opposed to $30+).

    In the meantime, please remain strong and don't fall in the vicious cycle of smoking. You've come so far and it would be a shame. On here there is also a link to a vaping forum, which you're more than welcome to ask any questions you may have. A lot of new vapours can get overwhelmed as they do not know where to start and there is so many products it can get confusing.

    Good luck!
  • john paul February 12, 2013 | 1:39
    Day one....trying an E cig. 20year smoker. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks for your post Sally.
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW February 13, 2013 | 15:05
    Hi John Paul, No worries. :) Please do keep me updated - I really really hope it works for you.
  • Sally4444 , Northern NSW February 13, 2013 | 17:32
    Hi John Paul, No worries. :) Please do keep me updated - I really really hope it works for you.
  • Samson March 03, 2013 | 18:49
    I found one of these about a month ago and have had success, I too like the many here tried the other pharmacy provided methods and none worked, not even from the start, I constantly wanted a cigarette, it all still came down to will power which I eventually lost the battle because I have associated smoking with stress over the last 25+ years.

    This clearly tells me I will NEVER be able to quit smoking unless I can associate stress with something else, maybe food and I can get fat and have a whole new problem? Would that make the ones who have bad mouthed this device even though they have no understanding or worse, haven't even tried it, happier?

    The fact is, this device has saved my life without a doubt, if I continued to smoke there is the good chance I would have developed some sort of condition. At least with this device based on the initial studies done around the world so far, I have a good chance I will see my 60th birthday.

    Shame on you people who bad mouth this method, you're not a doctor, you're not a scientist who has done any form of research on the device, so how on gods earth can you honestly say it's not a good idea?

    6 years of use in other countries, not one reported, many short term studies done, all in favour of the device and in some instances proved better than other methods, and ALL state healthier.

  • mel- non smoker for 2 months March 07, 2013 | 14:52
    I am now a non smoker thanks to my e Go W. My lungs feels so make lighter & i dont have that smoker cough every hour. I was also coughing up yellow/brown crap that not even my hubby knows about. I have been coughing that crap up for the lasts 3 years & decided that cancer wasnt the way to die that i needed to give up. I started on the champix & when it was time to give up the smokes i went onto vaping instead of smoking. I was on the ejuice that had nicotine in it now i am on no nicotine. i am still vaping & i believe thats why i havnt gone back to smoking. When a situation arises that feel like a smoke i vape instead. I am not in a hurry to quit vaping as i still feel like a smoke everynow & then. But i would say give vaping a go & its not illegal to but nicotine ejuice for personal use & ship it into Austrlia you can ship 3 months personal use. The nicotine help with my bad tempers giving up.
  • RaggedyAnne April 01, 2013 | 23:22
    I started taking Champix 4 weeks ago and quit smoking 2 weeks ago. This sounds great doesnt it? the cravings have subsided .....all thanks to Champix......but mourning the habit has not, and 3 days ago I slipped and smoked 3 cigarettes..... and so I have invested in an Ecigarette. Yes I know that my body is now nicotine free, and I am in fact feeding nicotine back in....I am looking to get some 0% nicotine refills JUST for when I feel the need for a cigarette......because although I didnt really want to buy an ECig....surely its a better option than a real smoke? My ecig is 16MG Nicotine, but thats actually too strong because if I take a proper drag on it, I cough my lungs up, so I have to gingerly draw on it that it doesnt choke me. and I only do this 3-4 times a day. I am hoping to stop the smoking and the vaping altoghether, but surely vaping 2-3 times a day is better than returning back to tobacco. I know this is a non-smoking post, but surely this is all about not smoking, and the different ways people deal with quitting. I am using Ecigs purely as a means to quit.....not a new way of getting a fix.
  • necroscope August 15, 2013 | 18:29
    I've been using E-cigs to quit smoking for 6 weeks now,I have been a smoker for the last 25 years and was smoking two 50g packets of whiteOx rollies a week up until i picked up an e-cig,havent had a cigarette since and still have half a pouch of whiteOx sitting in the cupboard.Would just like to say a big thanks to the guys and girls who have shared their experiences in this thread as reading their comments gave me the inclination to try an e-cig.cheers ben.
  • zjoeydp September 04, 2013 | 5:38
    hi i am new to this forum
  • RIDING OLD SKOOL , South Eastern Sydney March 30, 2014 | 16:53
    Over 2 years off the stinky's still vaping feeling great !
  • saussie April 05, 2014 | 20:56
    6 months without a stinky ( cigarette) so far and it's all down to finding the AussieVapersForum and learning about pv's ( personal vapourisers) they are not cigarettes and users aren't smoking. My health has improved dramatically, I sleep better as I no longer wheeze, or have to constantly clear my throat. Previous quit attempts include 'government approved' nicotine replacement therapy, ie, patches, lozenges,gum, nicotine inhaler and of course, I've read 'The Book'.None of these worked and after 50yrs of smoking, altho' I wasn't in any way ill, apart from a wheeze, I knew I had to find a way to quit because I just couldn't afford to smoke so I tried an ego vapouriser with flavoured juice and I knew that I could finally quit this time, and when my nicotine arrived from o'seas that was it, I haven't smoked since.If other methods haven't worked for you, it's well worth trying, no withdrawals, hand to mouth habit appeased and nice throat hit without the chemicals, do some research for yourself.I'm over 60yrs old and wish I'd discovered vaping years ago
  • Mathy April 05, 2014 | 23:30
    There's a burgeoning amount of research that is suggesting that PVs are a viable alternative to smoking stinkies. however, the anti smoking zealots, pharmacological companies and various governments are keen to see them demonised. Very sad, people's health should be front and centre :)
  • saussie April 05, 2014 | 23:39
    Giving up smoking is the last thing that Gov wants, where on earth are they going to get the money from if they can't hit smokers again and again, God forbid that they start on alcohol?, then what? potatoes maybe' LOL
    They'd do better educating young men and women on the benefits of birth control,how many illegitimate kids are our smoking taxes supporting?
  • Vape-on August 01, 2014 | 10:06
    Hi all and congrats to all those who were able to quit the cigarettes. I bought my first vaporizer in France on the 2nd July, 2014. i smoked my last cig just before I walked in the store and have not touched or wanted another cigarette since... No looking back.... I even had a puff of a friends cig to see what. I felt... Only disgust by the taste and smoke.... I love vaping and calculating the costs of a pack a day of cigs in Australia, I am saving around $7000 a year.... Yes incredible but true.... Now .... I am saving money, better breathing and do not smell like an ashtray... All this after 40 years of smoking those disgusting it!!!
  • TimJohnstone August 19, 2014 | 17:42
    Congratulations thanks for the kind post..!
  • blues4dog May 18, 2016 | 9:12
    I too have discovered E-cigs and like many others, quit instantly on the morning that my nicotine juice arrived after 45 years chained to tobacco and many hundred quit attempts. I am also now suffering seizures due to TGA approved pharmaceutical quit medications that are still being recommended by doctors and quit campaigners. I don't get it. Deadly and dangerous drugs containing varenicline and bupropion still being pushed whilst we have a real alternative that works? Just look at the stories on this very website and it is obvious. Lots of stories with "still trying but it's hard" or "3 weeks but I went back to the smokes" from people using 'recommended' nrt's against the deluge of positive quitters here. Why aren't the quit campaigns shouting this stuff from the rooftops and really helping smokers to kick the habit without the pain? BTW, wife started vaping 2 days ago. Another positive statistic. We had a pack of cigarettes unopened in the drawer and were going to throw it out but when we discovered that we don't even want one let alone crave one, we decided to put it on the shelf so that we can stick our middle finger up at it as we walk past. Childishly symbolic but thats how confident we feel. Could not have done that in the past. Please, please get on board and add significantly to the great work you have already done for smokers over many years.
  • J.McDiarmid , Murrumbidgee June 14, 2016 | 10:40
    I have been a habitual smoker for 7 years. Tried the spitoon gum (gross...). It didn't work for me. After picking up an e-cigarette set I'm 7 days smoke free and I'm gonna stay that way. This is THE NRT that works people. Just make sure you buy a decent product.

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