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Day one!

Posted in Getting started 30 Jul 2012

Today is day 1! have tried to give up several times before but am determined that this will be my last! Have been using the mini lozengers and hubby is also on board so we will probably make it into a competition! Am going to avoid alcohol for a few weeks as this seems to be my trigger!

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  • GUnit August 08, 2012 | 16:36
    Well done Janey...
    Both supporting each other will be great. Remember to breath that fresh air in every time the cravings creep in and we'll smash it..
    Enjoy a strong cuppa of herbal tea instead of alcohol.
  • Rhylana, Murrumbidgee August 04, 2012 | 13:34
    good luck Janey, remember one day at a time. I avoided alcohol for awhile too, I didnt enjoy it much without a ciggy so I changed my drink! Im 100 days today,can now drink alcohol without a worry.
  • wendelle July 31, 2012 | 8:28
    Good luck Janey, with your husband on board it will make it easier.You will do it with determination and support. My husband and I have done the same thing, we are 42 days now.I didn't avoid anything, took it on face first and still doing it.I used patches for about 2 weeks, they really did help. I had been smoking for 40 years, a pack a day. I can now say, I don't smoke.

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