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Here I go again

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Jul 2012

I had given up for about 3 months using the patches. I was going so well.... now I am back smoking about 10-15 a day. I have started reading Allen Carrs' book again and I'm getting to the point that I want to stop again. No patches etc this time either.  I am genuinely NOT enjoying smoking and have found my headaches are back. The minute I finish the book I will be having my last smoke and pray that I can stay a non smoker!!

I wanted to ask a question too. While I was smoking my blood pressure was always on the low side and while I wasn't smoking for that 3 months it went up to 160/85. I don't understand this as I thought it would work the other way!! Now that it is up and staying up it is another reason for me to quit again!! Has anyone else had similar problems with their bp?

Good luck everyone


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  • SCooper July 20, 2012 | 13:20
    This is my day 5 and I'm listening to the audio of Allan Carr's book. I have always had low blood pressure and will look into this when I go to the doctors next and will let you know :) It'll probably be in a months time.
  • SCooper July 20, 2012 | 13:22
    Did your diet change during the non smoking period? I've been smoking for 27 years. I'm starting up light training so I can do a 10km run for next year. Giving you this info incase it may affect how my results will come out.

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