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John W

60 days and still going strong

Posted in Quit experiences 15 Feb 2020

Hi everyone, it's been 60 days. And I'm feeling liberated, in control and relieved that I've finally stopped smoking. I don't ever want to go back to that filthy, smelly, expensive, socially unacceptable habit again. I still have times that my mind tries to tell me that just one won't hurt. But we all know that's just not true. One of you told me that they travel in packs, and I've been there before. Nope, not one puff ever. Thanks for all your help and I hope you all are doing as well or better than I.

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast February 15, 2020 | 9:01
    Lovely to hear from you John W. Liberation is a great feeling, and NOPE means you cannot be dragged back down the black dark ugly hole again. I am nearly 12 months free and cannot believe the new hurdles I have jumped and yet continued to be smoke free. Onwards and upwards and keep in touch.
  • Happiness February 15, 2020 | 11:50

    Staying in touch with us long term will also serve to keep you on the right path. Helping others is also rewarding. Great job!
  • Leeann , Central Coast February 15, 2020 | 15:55
    Congrats John W, 60 days shows you that you can and are doing this. Just keep your guard up buddy and you will remain a winner. So so true, no such thing as one smoke. Besides there is nothing to miss anymore, you are free. We never liked smokes to start with, we had to train ourselves onto them and then addiction took over. Keep on the good path of fresh air and clean smell, no more ashtray stench and stale cigarette breath🤮 Hope you are rewarding yourself along the way, with little treats. Go you good thing!👍
  • Lia February 16, 2020 | 22:02
    Hi John W. I love your reference to cigarettes as "Pack Mentality". Love it! A quick puff and you are devoured by the pack.
  • Nuts February 16, 2020 | 22:28
    We all know that ' just one ' will hurt. Horrible nasty little cigarettes. Never again for us all. We are the winners. Well done John W. Be very proud and strong. You are going really well. 🤗👍💕
  • Lando, Hunter New England February 19, 2020 | 10:50
    Good on you John. 60 days is great going!

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