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Posted in Hints and tips 01 Feb 2020

What I didn't realize when I quit smoking was how much time I was losing by smoking. Not just the time at the end of life but the time during my life. I smoked about 25 cigs a day which took about 10 minuets per cig. That's over 4 hours a day wasted. I think this is one of the reasons quieting is so hard. You sit around with all that spare time with nothing to do but wish you had a cig. Time for a new hobby!

My last post I talked about my 2000 calorie diet I went on. I know 2000 seems like a lot, but I am 6' 8", 300 lbs. I was eating over 4000 calories a day. Anyway, I found that in most cases it wasn't how much I was eating, it was what I was eating. I started looking up on the net foods that would help lower blood pressure, foods that were low in calories, foods that lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol and foods that help regulate blood sugar. I found I could eat a lot of food and stay below 2000 calories. And with all that time I found I had, it's fun finding really good low cal recipes and cooking them. Less meat and lot of veg/ fruit. Instead of salt, I've found all kinds of spices that taste great. I even have time to take a walk or go on a bike ride, and it doesn't even feel like exerciser!

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  • Happiness February 01, 2020 | 3:52
    Change for the better doesn't have to be hard. just mindful. Fatsecret is a good site to count your cholesteral.salt. fibre and protein as well as calories. More green will make you lean. Beans are heart(y) healthy. Change can be an awesome experience. Learning about yourself makes it personal. All the best to he new you!
  • Decaff February 01, 2020 | 6:58
    I have been trying to change some very bad habits I had acquired by 1) Prioritising 2) Baby steps and 3) Exercise .

    Exercise for me means not replacing cleaner!
  • Lando , Hunter New England February 01, 2020 | 14:08
    You are so right right John. I was working out the same thing, only allowing 5 minutes per smoke. I have a full extra hour every day. My dogs are loving the extra walks they are getting. I even went for a little run with them - I haven't run for 30 years! Need better shoes though, I fell on the dewy grass. Must have been a sight. Anyway, that's my next purchase with my smoking dollar savings, some really proper running /walking/hiking shoes so that my time savings are more pleasurable.

    You are doing great with the mindfulness of your eating. My husband is 6"3, my sons both over 6" (the youngest still only 16, so could end up being a monster) I know what it takes to keep machines like yours running. We have always eaten plentiful, but very well. If any one of us (daughter included) had to make a choice of never having meat or vegetables again, we would all choose to ditch the meat. Veges rule!
  • Nuts February 01, 2020 | 18:30
    I love your new hobby John. You are a winner in all ways. Well done 👍💕

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