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Quit for 2 days

Posted in Hints and tips 28 Jan 2020

I quit 2 days ago with a patch. This isn’t the first time I have quit. My problem is staying quit. My past quits have been cold turkey, gum or patches. I know with me it is totally more of a mental addiction. I’ve joined this forum for support from other quitters and maybe helpful tips you can give and to give support to future quitters.

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  • Leeann , Central Coast January 29, 2020 | 6:18
    Welcome Juy1265, it's ok if it's not your first quit attempt, let's make it your last. I too have stopped smoking heaps of times, the secret is to hate those vile little poison sticks for what they are. They are not your friend, they steal from you, your time, money, dignity, pride. Choose to really want to be free, and you will be. Keep busy and focused, you can do this, just focus on getting through one day at a time.😊🙋‍♀️
  • Happiness January 29, 2020 | 7:33
    I have no doubt that you will find it in you to quit again. This time stay and give your expertise and support to others while maintaining your motivation and freedom from nicotine. The right mindset will aid to this end as well.
  • Lando, Hunter New England January 29, 2020 | 11:05
    Well done Judy! It really helped me to read the Allen Carr book. You will find links to it via Hapiness' profile. Do you have support at home? That has also been so valuable for me

    But the mind set is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. I am a non smoker. I don't want these nasties in my life anymore.
  • DebraAnne20 February 04, 2020 | 7:42
    I noticed that I get so thirsty - I have been drinking ice cold fruit smoothies - apples, bananas and strawberries is my favourite - you can buy it ready made too - this is really helpful to push back cravings, thirsties and the hungries all at once and, its good for you too.

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