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Baby steps.

Posted in Getting started 21 Jan 2020

Hi guys,

Im only at the very beginning of my quiting journey. Its been 3 days since i had my last cigarette (feels like longer lol). Im using patches, which actually seem to be helping a teeny bit. I definitely feel better than what i did when i attempted to quit cold Turkey a few months ago.

I've needed to quit for a long time due to my health, but the stress of everything i had going on made it impossible.

The only thing im struggling with atm is not knowing what to do with myself?

Its making me really anxious. I automatically go to walk outside and then it hits me that i need to go find something else to do lol.

Being around my mum who's a smoker has also made it really hard. Especially because my children and i are temporarily staying with her until i find a place of my own.

I know i can do this! Im looking forward to being able to breathe easier and taking my kiddies on trips away with the money I'll be saving💜

I just need to find something to keep me busy other than eating🙄😬

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  • Happiness January 21, 2020 | 7:39
    you need to realize that smoking does not allieviate stress but causes it. learn to want to be free. read allen carr 👍👍
  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 21, 2020 | 9:22
    Please buy the Allen Carr easy way to stop smoking. Once you read it all of your questions will be answered... you wont be feeling stressed or anxrous you will understand. Let your mum smoke around you. Its good to see how you dont want to be. Keep atvit. Stay with this forum too. I used patches but didnt need them after 2 weeks. It got me (or my headspace) over that hump. This war over smoking is won in the mind.
    I got my book $24.95 at QVB BOOKS but you can buy anywhere and online. It is what made a big difference to me.
    There's is a lot to learn.
    BOOK + FORUM = Successful quit. Promise you it will be a whole lot easier. You can get a free copy of a link by clicking on HAPPINESS
  • Nuts January 21, 2020 | 11:33
    Hi Jodes 10. Welcome to our forum and congrats on 3 days smoke free. Well done. The first week is the hardest because as you said, you dont know what to do with yourself. Smoking is a habit, as well as an addiction and the habit is hard to break. You need to change your routine and make new smoke free habits. It does get easier. After a while you will find the smell of your mums cigarettes is horrible and wont want to go back to smelling like that. Look at your beautiful children and do it for them as well as yourself. Try to snack on healthy foods. I ate way too much chocolate and gained a fair bit of weight. It was worth it though. Rather a few extra kilo's than a smoke. I have lost the extra weight now and feel great. Stay strong sweetheart and enjoy your healthier and richer smoke free life 🤗💕
  • dstfry123, Hunter New England January 23, 2020 | 7:26
    Hi Jodes Im vicki and Im 54. Im on day 81. I was a 40 a day smoker since I was 17. I always thought a ciggy calmed me down till I stopped. Yes you get anxious, yes you want to talk 1000 miles an hour, yes you feel like you cant stop and have a break, as all those things remind you of being a smoker. Its only what you are used too. Have the power to change youre own mind, your own thoughts to I DONT SMOKE. Im at the stage now where I feel more in control of everything in my life, I can sit and relax, The money I have saved just paid for a 12 night cruise to NZ for 2, and even tho its still there for me to reach out and grab, Ive come to far, Im a heap healthier, my skin is so much more vibrant, I can breathe, and I can afford all the things I want to do. Save your money, get yourself a greater home now for you and youre children and get out there and enjoy life. Its all there just for you xxx
  • Lando, Hunter New England January 24, 2020 | 8:33
    Congratulations! You are setting the example for you mother and your children. I am from Hunter New England area as well (Newcastle). With the amount of smoke in the air over the past month, I was literally forcing myself to have cigarettes before my quit date. And it's back again today, the thick air and stench of smoke. So glad I am a non smoker now, and not forcing my body to take any more in.

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