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Posted in Quit experiences 11 Jan 2020

Hi guys signed up pn here this morning

What wonderful stories and a fair bit of advice

I've been on Champix for 19 days today and I must say they have helped me so far

Day2 of no smokes or cravings but today I'm a bit teary has any one else experienced this

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  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 11, 2020 | 13:12
    I was on 15mg patches and I did experience this in the beginning.
    Keep going strong. Stay with this forum to learn as much as you can from friends who care.🙋‍♀️🐟
  • Nuts January 11, 2020 | 13:24
    Hi Shells and welcome. Dont know much about Champix, but i do know that quitting does make some people emotional, because they think that they are losing a friend. Be happy , smokes are not your friend. Kick em to the curb. Think of the positives. Every smoke free day is a good day. You are doing really well. Stay strong 💕
  • Happiness January 11, 2020 | 15:16
    Hi Shells. Welcome and please do have a look around . There is plenty of information, as I have over 100 posts and when i comment, it is usually extensive to give some facts. Knowledge really is power. The quickest way to learn is by reading the book by Allen Carr. It is absolutely free and will tell you why you started smoking and why you feel as you do today.

    Champix shuts down the receptors that made smoking enjoyable. Now we taste what cigarettes really taste like before our minds were hijacked and we became addicts to nicotine. Do you remember how awful that first drag was and how we choked? Who would have expected to get hooked on such a vile thing?
    Once you realize that smoking did nothing for you except steal everything dear to you, you will change your mind and heart to it. Right now you are mourning the loss, but we know that it was no friend. Your life without nicotine will be so much more rewarding in so many ways.

    Read and learn. Above all, let go of the past and embrace this wonderful opportunity you have been given to finally break free. We never believed we could before, but you watch and see. Read Pisces is truly amazing and you could have a story just as amazing if you believe as well.
  • ShellsWA January 11, 2020 | 16:12
    Thanks so much for your replies now I don't feel as though I'm going totally insane :)
  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 12, 2020 | 10:18
    You are definitely not. Nicotine is a powerful drug. You are winning🐟
  • DAB57 January 18, 2020 | 23:12
    Hi ShellsWA. Tears and low sadness was my main withdrawal experience. I would randomly start crying, but day by day it just got better and by two weeks it was all over. It will get better for you. Think of the tears as purity, washing away the nicotine and other disgusting harmful chemicals from your system. Good luck and well done for choosing to quit.

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