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Make Yourself At Home

Posted in Getting started 01 Jan 2020
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Welcome to the new members whether joining today or looking in for a peak. We hope that you will look around at some of the stories and realize that quitting smoking is possible for anyone.

I quit by joining a quit group, but this is the best for many reasons. On joining one, you will discover the truth about nicotine and be advised to reassess your relationship with it. You will not be alone on an unknown journey but led with the help of experienced quitters, people like yourself who understand your needs and concerns.

Navigation of this site is quit easy really. Once joined you can leave comments under others peoples posts. However, if you need a personal response, why not write your own story and pose a question. This way you will receive an e-mail that someone has responded. You can pose a question on someone else's comments page, but be sure to click on "favorite" (as a means to find it again) and check back for a response.

I sometimes refer to one of my old stories rather than explaining something again. To find this link you would click on my name right here and find the title. Once on that page you can copy the URL and copy it to keep handy elsewhere. I am not that computer savvy and find that by composing a letter on g-mail to myself with the link, I can file it .

There is a book by Allen Carr that many of us recommend that you read to understand nicotine and you. Allen Carr encourages you to smoke while reading, although i read it after i had quit. If you have already quit, and especially if you are already nicotine free, just read the book to make the journey easier. Nicotine is out of your system in about 72 hours, so you do not want to start that process over. The remaining 80% of the journey is about accepting this change to becoming a non-smoker, and this book will definitely be helpful in the thought processes involved .

Enjoy your journey, knowing that it is the single most important thing will we ever do for yourself. The rewards are amazing. The journey can even be easy like it was for me. You do need to WANT to quit to be successful. Even if you are not sure....smoke and read the book and may surprise yourself!

So go ahead and click on my name and find the link. Click on favourite to find again, or copy URL to save somewhere. It is absolutely free by the way. Enjoy

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1 Comment

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  • Pisces24, Central Coast January 06, 2020 | 8:01
    Funny that no new quitters are onto this story...such a great inspirational story...
    I read it so there is one🐟

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